Which Side of Porch to Hang the American Flag?

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which side of porch to hang american flag
There are multiple occasions to display the honorable American flag. Will you do it when fall comes? It’s possible on all days if the weather is fine. House-mount options are preferable in some cases. Which side of porch to hang American flag? You are to fly it with pride, observing the etiquette. There are several good ways to position it with respect. Anyway, it’s necessary to ensure its visibility. What does it mean? An observer from the street should notice it in time and view it properly. The rules are not enormous, but it’s not so easy to follow them respectfully. Let’s delve into details.

How to Display the American Flag on a House?

Do you like our great patriotic summer holidays? I guess Flag Day and Independence Day are the most significant ones. In fall, when it gets cool and windy, don’t you feel patriotic anymore? Quite naturally, the weather matters. Will, you pank the snow around your in-ground installation in winter?

It would be a kind of inclement weather. Is it an example of an improper display? Some exceptions exist. One of them implies our symbolic flag positioning. House-mount or wall installations are more compact and lightweight. They let you attach a flagpole securely to a wall.

Meanwhile, you can display the flag:

  • vertically;
  • horizontally;
  • at an angle (upward);
  • on a rope;
  • using a flagpole and grommets.

Keeping the Flying Rules is not complicated. If you feel patriotic towards the American flag, it should be intuitive. Anyway, the union (blue section with stars) is to be on the upper left side. From what side do you look at your house? Sure thing, it implies an observer left.

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What Size Flag Pole for House Do You Choose in Fall?

Summer holidays and vacations might be your favorite time. Do you like parades and fireworks? Picnics and family gatherings are charming when the weather is fine and sunny. In Michigan, September is rather warm. When freezing and windy winter comes, do you display a US flag outdoors?

I think so, but you are to choose and size it properly. Humidity, wind speed, and temperatures matter.

Wind Speed, mphPole MaterialPole Height, ft.Flag Size, ft.
20-40 aluminum 5 2.5*4
40-70 wooden 6 3*5
70-100 fiberglass, carbon fiber (reinforced)7-83*5

Michigan has a moderately calm, continental climate. Average wind speed varies from 6.5 mph in July to 9.4 mph in February. But storms and hurricanes happen. Most importantly, they produce strong winds up to 60-70 mph. House-mount installations are in some sense, in safekeeping. The walls of your house and the porch overhang protect it from wind and elements. Secure fastening is still beneficial.

what size flag pole should get

Where to Hang Flag on Front of House?

The selection of the right US flag position seems to be intuitive. Do you prefer a house-mount solution? It’s preferable if you’ve got not enough ground space. Is your yard so small? Confined spaces might not let you display your symbolic flag properly. Do you live in a small apartment in a condo?

You can project the flag from your balcony or a window sill. Can you suspend it on a rope? Current Rules of Etiquette don’t ban it. Both horizontal and vertical positions are possible. Location of its basic part that is canton or union matters. It is to be:

  • most visible;
  • at the top;
  • on the left side;
  • as distant from the building as possible;
  • pointing East or North.

In a city, fly the flag right over the street. Does it run east and west? The blue area of your display should face the north in this case. Running north and south, your street might be busy. The union, pointing east doesn’t disturb its peace.

What Side of the House do You Hang an American Flag?

There are several ways to hang your honorable flag. You can use any staff, pole, accessories and tools. Anyway, you are to protect it from elements and wind. Is fall a wet or rainy season in your region? In Michigan, the summer months are humid. In winter, up to 13 days per month are rainy or snowy.

Thus, displaying your beautiful, top-quality American flag, keep it away from:

  • moisture;
  • dirt;
  • fumes;
  • any sources of damage.

Do you smoke fish or meat in your backyard? Find a secure, calm spot for the flag. Don’t locate it next to a fire pit or oven. Make sure to avoid spills, food splashes and other accidents. Do your best to prevent soiling, spots and dusting.

Additionally, try to keep the flag away from your watering systems. Garden hose shouldn’t splatter moisture and mud into your glorious display. Are rain and wind inevitable? Forecast them and take due action beforehand.

How to Hang a Flag Vertically?

Projecting your memorable flag in a window is opportune. Vertical location is not in conflict with any rules or guidelines. Don’t you want to make holes in a tile or siding? In a city, drilling concrete walls might be pretty complicated. In a rented condo, it would be unacceptable.

Located indoors or outdoors, your proud symbolic display is beautiful. It might be perfectly visible from the high road or a sidewalk. Rain or shine, your flag should not fall down. Strong wind should not damage it. So, it can remain behind the window or right in front of it.

Secure fastening is a must. What is the best rope for a flagpole? It should be strong and weather-resistant. Modern synthetic materials do the job. They include:

  • polyester;
  • nylon;
  • kevlar.

Stretchy and shock-absorbent, advanced ropes suit the wet environment. In Midland, air humidity is commonly high. These perfect accessories don’t absorb moisture. They dry fast, withstanding exposure to direct sunlight.

how to hang a flag vertically on a pole

How to Display the American Flag with Other Flags?

Risky or bait solutions are unacceptable. Any obstacles that may damage or overcast your spectacular display are out of place. Do you want to project the national flag together with another flag? Even if it’s an international flag, our glorious display is to be in a superior position.

American flag might fly at the same height with honorable symbols of other countries. In your locality, deeply rooted traditions could make difference. On a special holiday, you might wish to display a flag of your:

  • city;
  • state;
  • organization or society.

Commonly, all of these symbols are to fly lower than your glorious American flag. They might be smaller or of the same size as our legendary patriotic display. Shorter staffs or flagpoles suit them properly. Don’t you want to buy and install additional support? You can easily attach other flags to the same halyard, below the US flag.

What about the side? The American flag should be always on your left hand. Thus, hang it on the left side of your cozy porch, fastening the pole securely.

How High to Mount Flag on House?

Superior prominence of your patriotic display is necessary. Even if the rules of the US Flag Code are advisory, adhere to them with due respect. Another flag may fly underneath. Suspend it on the right side and a bit lower. What about your porch? Even being a full-height structure, it commonly embellishes a single-story house.

Where are you going to locate the flag? I would position it as high as possible. In one respect, it is to be at the top of:

  • its own staff;
  • other flags and patriotic symbols;
  • outdoor structures and buildings;
  • adjacent trees, plants and fences.

Which way do you ensure visibility? No obstacles may hide your magnificent flag from view. On the second part, it is to be as far from the ground as possible. When it rains, water particles from the floor should not reach the fabric. Your beautiful flag is to remain squeaky clean until the end of the day that is sunset. Additionally, no stuff, item or mechanism should touch it.

Which Side of Front Door to Hang Flag?

Displaying an American flag, you’d like it to be properly visible. Many people, your neighbors, and fudgies should see it during the holiday. Quite naturally, the front side of your house is the most noticeable. Do you invite guests to an outdoor party or barbecue?

Approaching your yard, they would see the porch in the first wave. This space is functional, commonly coming with some stairs and balustrades. Gorgeous columns might be also available. A porch could be open or detached. Commonly, it looks like a:

  • deck;
  • patio;
  • loggia;
  • veranda.

These types of porches are the most popular. Elevated structures are beneficial. They let you position the flag somewhat further from the ground. It could be pretty wide that implies a long distance to the door. What about the flag? It depends on a couple of factors. Sure thing, the left side is preferable. But it shouldn’t prevent you from entering the house. What if a storm starts suddenly? It is to be easy to approach the flag, remove and fold it respectfully.

how do you display an american flag indoors

In-House American Flag Position

Your stylish patio might be airy and windy, like the open structures. Sometimes it looks like an outdoor roofed space. A deck a veranda are good examples. A room of this kind can be on the ground level, featuring no elevation. A front entry porch is small and welcoming. It’s rather decorative than functional.

Back and rain porches are not too cozy. They protect you from rain during an occidental storm. Meanwhile, roofed and screened structures are common. They may look like living space extensions. Most of them are pretty wide and spacious. Wood materials are pretty popular. They make these rooms perfectly inviting and cozy.

How do you use your porch? You might have built it to enjoy outdoor lounging and relaxation. I like placing there my cool comfortable lounge folding chairs that are:

  • lightweight;
  • durable;
  • comfortable;
  • easy to carry and store.

Coming with stain-resistant polyester or nylon seats, the chairs are weather-resistant. They are intuitive to use and low-maintenance. You would still place them in sheltered areas. Your proudly patriotic display is a different matter.

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Should a US Flag Fly Out of the Railings?

If your porch is small and open, you might have no choice in the matter. The only possible flag position is right beside the door. Does the side matter? If your front door opens outwards, you would consider it. This option is beneficial in case of an emergency, that is fire or flooding.

It lets you escape or run out easily. In the USA, inward solutions are more popular. In this case, the side doesn’t matter. The opening door doesn’t touch the flag. Meanwhile, is your porch wide and spacious? I would still find the outmost position for the flag, fastening it to:

  • an external porch wall;
  • wooden railing;
  • wide and gorgeous column;
  • ceiling or roof attachment.

How big is 3×5 flag? You commonly compare it to a human silhouette. A vertical position is opportune. Thus, your gorgeous display is to be visible and eye-catching. Weather exposure makes difference.

How Does an All-weather Flag Look like?

Inward-opening doors are British-model solutions. Keep in mind that they are preferable in terms of security. Most importantly, internal hinges are not accessible to burglars. Additionally, in winter snow accumulation of 10-15 inches is possible. In Michigan, it happens in January and February.

It would make the outward door opening tough. But you are to get outside to pank the snow, don’t you? Strong wind may knock the door backward. Rain and snow may damage it. What about your glorious flag? You might project it only when the weather is fine. But your symbolic display still has to withstand heavy outdoor use.

What is the best material for outdoor flags? I prefer polyester, as it is:

  • durable;
  • wind-resistant;
  • colorfast;
  • moisture-wicking;
  • fast-drying.

Nylon is even more lightweight. It stands out by its bright, shiny appearance. What about cotton? The natural, soft fabric absorbs moisture and dirt. Long exposure to sunshine and elements makes it fade and stain. Thus, indoor applications are preferable. You still can project a cotton flag in a covered porch, for example, as a banner.

what is an all-weather flag


In-Ground vs House-mount Flagpoles

Have you already installed a flagpole in your front yard? I hope you have. If it’s absent, pause for thought. It takes you not less than 2 days to do the job. Digging a foundation is a labor-consuming task. Can you hold the pole in place? Without the assistance of your friend or a helper, it would be impossible.

Your favorite residential flagpole is strong and heavy-duty. It commonly comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty. So, your in-ground structure lasts long, requiring no maintenance. What about its location? Choosing it, you should consider your:

  • landscape;
  • power and cable lines availability;
  • adjacent buildings and structures;
  • slope and terrain peculiarities.

The in-ground installation has some limitations. In November, it’s hardly possible. As soon as frost freezes the soil, you can’t dig it. Wall or window mounting is much easier. Flagpoles of this kind are simple to assemble, install or replace. Do you have to attach a flag or remove it due to stormy weather? It’s easy as a pie.

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Which Staff Makes the Flag More Visible?

It might be tricky to choose a flagpole that meets your residential needs. Multiple options and sizes exist. Telescoping structures are easier to mount than sectional ones. Fiberglass solutions withstand strong winds and rains pretty well. Aluminum ones are strong and lightweight.

How tall should a flagpole be? 15, 20 and 25 feet heights are the most common. Above all, it depends on your location. Urban dwellers opt for shorter versions. They may not obstruct the city view. In a suburban or rural area, you get more liberty. The height of your house’s roof peak is a basic landmark.

House-mount flags may fly a bit lower. Wall-mount structures commonly feature useful accessories, like:

  • finials;
  • cleats;
  • flag snaps or hooks;
  • mounting brackets;
  • fasteners and swivels.

Flagpoles that are 5 or 6 feet high compare with an average human height too. Position them above the ground. This way, they are in full view, virtually at your eye level.

What Size is a Standard American Flag?

If you want to display it at home, it shouldn’t be too large. The most popular dimensions are 3*5 inches. It suits both in-ground and house-mounted installations. Above all, this size fits any flagpole, longer or shorter. Keep in mind that larger ones would be necessary for distant locations. If you want to display another, smaller, city or Army flag, it’s apt.

4×6” or 5×8” American flag is above all. As to 1”wall-mount solutions, they are of no exceptions. Quite, naturally, the poles are thinner in diameter. They commonly measure 1” or less. An angled or vertical bracket is to be available in the set. It helps you to install the staff on any wall, such as:

  • brick;
  • cement;
  • wooden;
  • vinyl siding.

American flag dimensions 2×3 are not common. It’s perfect for confined spaces and special applications. Does it suit the shortest, 5-feet long pole? The structure would be not heavy or bulky. Any wall sustains it. Thus, drilling holes in wooden surfaces is intuitive. Special cement or masonry anchors ensure a firm grip. Flush mounting plates would be necessary for vinyl siding surfaces.

Can You Display an American Flag Every Day?

Any day, under all circumstances, it’s possible. Nothing can prevent you from showing your patriotism. Both nylon and polyester fabrics refer to all-weather materials. Flying them outdoors, you don’t violate any current rules. Cotton flags are suitable indoors.

Project it in your roofed or covered porch, beside the front door. The structure protects it from wind and elements, and it remains clean and beautiful. What are the 3 sizes of the American flag? During a great holiday, such as Independence Day, you see all of them in your street.

5’x8’ and 4’x6’ options require in-ground installation and a tall flagpole. Calm weather is desirable. House-mount options allow for standard, 3’x5’ flags. In fall, there are notable occasions to fly them, such as:

  1. Constitution.
  2. Columbus.
  3. Navy.
  4. Veterans.
  5. Thanksgiving Days.

During periods of mourning, display it until noon. Unfortunately, flying a house-mounted flag at half-staff is not possible. Use another sign, like a yellow or black ribbon. When days become shorter, don’t forget to illuminate your patriotic display at night.

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Bottom Line

If you want to show your patriotism, any occasion is suitable. Painstaking and time-consuming flagpole installation is not obligatory. Why don’t you choose a more compact option? It can’t be less visible or beautiful. House-mount solutions are popular and respectful. Besides, they are easy to adjust and install: it takes you only a few hours and no effort at all. These handy kits contain all the necessary anchors, brackets, and screws. You only have to find a good position for your patriotic display. It depends on several factors, such as your porch type and entrance door scheme. Do it easily, according to the respectful rules and guidelines. Feel patriotic, celebrating your special dates and keep well.

Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

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