How To Properly Fold A Flag?

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how to properly fold a flag

A flag is a sign of national pride and identity. Every state in the world has its own flag, considered a specific symbol of civilization. The complex ranking of flag colors and images often has a bottomless conventional meaning essential to respect.

How to Fly a Flag: Tips and Advice

One of the important qualities of a flag is to fold it correctly. Violating the rules can lead to a lack of respect for the sign and a negative impression of people. That is why we check this memorandum on how the flags should be placed correctly and what rules must be taken into account.

It shows that there is every opportunity for the standards of folding flags of different countries to distinguish themselves. In some areas there are also special protocols that control the implementation of flags in different situations. However, there are some universal rules that most definitely are not considered universal rules that help to do the flags correctly.

Why is it necessary to place the flag correctly?

With respect to the national coat of arms.

The flag is considered a national emblem, and its amber color emphasizes the uniqueness and originality of the nation, as well as the spiritual meaning of the nation as a whole. By folding the flag well, we respect it and thus show our respect for our country and our people.

Minimal Wear and Material Consumption

A well folded flag minimizes wear. This is because corners and extra folding on the flag are prevented. Using a flag without proper care will quickly lead to the fact that the initial image of the individual and the paint will disappear, insisting on replacement. The correct folding of the flags also reduces consumption during production.

Professional Culture

Product quality and civilization are considered the only way for an entrepreneur to make money and lead a successful company. This also applies to the correct use and maintenance deployment of flags. The use of the wrong flag can be confusing to others in your area, and it is important to realize that an organization has only a bad name.

Preserve color

Follow laundry standards:

  • Use only neutral powder and wash water.
  • Set machine to soft program and check water temperature. Strong and passionate water can dissolve the dye.
  • Do not mix flags of different colors in the same wash.
  • Do not in direct sunlight as it is detrimental to the color.

Save flags correctly

  • Keep flags in a cool, dry space out of direct sunlight.
  • Do not stack flags close together to prevent creasing or folding of the material.
  • If possible, use special boxes or bags to store flags to avoid direct contact with dust and light.

Avoid extra treatments:

  • Do not use bleaching methods or washing machines with bleaching capabilities on flags.
  • Do not iron the flag as this may ruin its design.

Remember: proper care of flags is the key to a long service life and preservation of the brightest colors.

Respect the symbols.

The flag is the sign of a country, its independence and sovereignty. Every gentleman is obliged to respect this sign, in what quantity and when to fold it.

There are several rules and regulations regarding the correct folding of the flag. When we follow them, we show not only respect for the signs, but also for our own literacy and culture.

– Before folding a flag, we recommend that you allow the flag to dry well to prevent stains and scents.

– It is not to be placed on the floor or any other dirty or inappropriate object.

– He must be placed carefully and discreetly. That way, neither the material of the decorative design nor the coat of arms or other parts of the flag will be destroyed.

Also based on the fact that the correct flag is officially folded open doors and windows, or in open spaces. Doing this in closed spaces is not common.

The correct folding of the flag is considered a sign of respect for both the country and its historical and cultural heritage. No one may encourage him to do so, but every citizen must follow the advice given and act accordingly.

How do you plant a flag?

Step 1: Spread the flats completely on a flat surface. Make sure the flag is flat and not folded over.

Step 2: Double fold the flag horizontally. Make sure the top and bottom fit well together.

Step 3: Fold the flag horizontally again so that, for example, the top and bottom edges are again on one line.

Step 4: Move the top of the flag down to form a triangle. Make sure the flag looks straight – no wrinkles.

Step 5: Fold the flag in half horizontally so that, for example, the top and bottom edges are together again.

Step 6: Fold the flag vertically in half, leaving the edges apart. This will make it easier to lift the flag when it is hung.

Following these basic instructions will help you fold flags quickly and efficiently. Why Fold? Folded flags take up less space and are easier to store and transport.

Folding rules

1. do not fold flags if they are not clean or wet.

Make sure the flag is completely clean and dry before folding. In this way you can damage the flag and it remains in the best condition possible.

2. begin folding the flag vertically in two

Lower the top half of the flag at the bottom edge. The colored side of the flag must be on the outside. Make sure there is no actual fold at the top of the flag to get the flat “diamond” look. 3.

3. bend the diagonal from edge to corner with a star

Following the pattern, fold the flag in a diagonal line from the bottom edge with the blue star to the nearest corner. Make sure that the right edge of the star is the only blue part of the flag and that there is not a single red on this fold.

4. fold again diagonally to the edge of the tusk

Follow the diagonal again from the corner of the star to the top edge of the flag to form a perfect octagon. The honest edge of the star jump may remain blue. They line up with the bottom corners of the flag.

5. follow the folding instructions

Once the bundle is fully folded, follow the correct folding and securing instructions for the flag.

How do I protect the folded flag?

1. Clean and dry.

Store folded flags in a clean and dry place. Be wary of spaces with high humidity, such as basements or storage spaces. Do not place flags near sources of moisture such as sinks or windows.

2. Storage.

If you want to store your flags for years, you should use commercial storage paper. It will protect your flag from light and moisture and also prevent wrinkles and curves on the flag.

3. Store your folded flags in a cupboard or drawer. Remember that it must be kept clean and dry. Do not roll up if you do not have storage paper. Remember to fold flat to prevent damage.

4. Hang up the phone on the drum.

For larger flags there are special drums that can keep the flag as if it were hanging. This method protects the flag from damage and keeps it in its original shape.

5. Systematic checks

Remember to inspect the flags from time to time. Make sure that the space where it is stored is dry and unpacked. Flags can be frozen by moths or other insects.

Selecting Storage Space for Flags: Advice and Recommendations

To keep enough flags, you need to choose a good space. When selecting a storage space, the correct factors should be considered

  1. Temperature: flags cannot be stored under conditions of fluctuating temperature and humidity. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a cold space with good humidity.
  2. Beware of direct sunlight: direct sunlight can cause flags to fade into the flag. That is why it is recommended to avoid direct sunlight on the flag when storing it.
  3. Dust and dirt: It is very important to keep the space around the flag clean and avoid placing the flag in general areas sensitive to dust and dirt.
  4. Easy access to flags: Flag storage should be comfortable and easily accessible for maintenance and use.

When choosing a storage space, flags should be kept in a less impoverished room. That way, the flags will stay in good condition and look good during use.

Indoor Storage Characteristics

To keep flags in good condition, a number of important aspects must be considered. Among others, it is worth considering the temperature and humidity of the building. The optimal temperature for maintaining flags is between 18 and 24 degrees Celsius, and humidity is less than 60%. High humidity can lead to fungal formation and material damage.

In addition, attention should be paid to the light regime. Direct sunlight can fade and damage the color of the flag. That is why keeping the flag in a black or dark space is recommended.

Again, space is key here. By storing the flag in a storage space, on a special shelf, or in a closed box, it will certainly remain in good condition for many years. Storing flags on the floor or on an open surface is not recommended. There it may become soiled or damaged.

It is also good to note that when storing flags in a warehouse, standards apply to ignore contact with other objects. It is normal to isolate flags from other objects.

How can I avoid storing flags?

1. double the flag. This method is known, but incorrect. The flag should be folded in width only to preserve the shape of the symbol.

2. fold the flag in a square shape. This method is also incorrect because the flags have different correspondences of the parties and the folding of the parties on the other square is different.

3. folding the flag is sloppy. If the flag is formed fairly quickly and carelessly, it distorts the composition of the symbol and makes the flag unusable.

4. unfold the flag. Flags must always be folded after use to preserve their shape and quality. This way, they will not wear or deteriorate.

If the flags continue to be administered in compliance with the rules, they are necessary and not burdensome. Remember, there is a right to be wrong and an initial approach to this problem. The key – trust for yourself and create your own discretion.

It is important to remember that the flag is the emblem of the country and obviously must pay special attention to his picture.

Question and Answer:

Question: How do I fold the flag correctly?

ANSWER: To fold the flag correctly, you need to follow a few simple steps. Take the flag by its long sides and fold it in half so that the top corners touch each other. Bend further along the diagonal so that the bottom corners meet the top. Fold diagonally again until the desired amount of folds are obtained. Straighten the flag to make sure it is dimensionally folded.

Question: How do I protect the unity of the flag when folding?

ANSWER: To maintain the unity of the flag when folding, the folds should be flat and not overlapping. Also, do not secure the flag too tightly to prevent damage to the material or loss of color power.

Question: Can I fold a flag using steel?

ANSWER: It is not recommended to use iron to fold flags, especially if the flags are made of synthetic materials. High heat can destroy the material and brightness of the colors. If the flag is tightly wrinkled, use a special ironing spray or fold the flag outdoors.

Question: What types of folds are available for flags?

Answer: Depending on the specific model and the task the flag must fulfill, there are different types of folds on a flag. For example, a simple diagonal fold can be used for installation on a car or on a flag pole (double fold or streamer). There are also “leaf” and “golf” folds, often used for decorative purposes.

Question: How long is the folding configuration on the flag?

Ans: The storage time of a flag fold depends on many factors, including the quality of the material, intensity of use, and storage conditions. On average, flags folded according to recommendations retain their form from a few days to several months. If the flag needs to be cleaned for a longer period of time, store the flag in a dry, cold room.

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