Can You Put a Fire Pit on Your Wood Deck?

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can you put a fire pit on your wood deckWhen it gets colder, it’s a pleasure to sit around a fireplace. It may be at night, in the fall or in spring. The sitting area can find a place in your stylish backyard or garden. So, the possibility to put a fire pit on a wood deck is challenging. It would be cost-saving, easy and matching your landscape design. Let’s understand in detail: can you put fire pit on wood deck?

A fire has its special charm. If it’s created by burning wood, it smells amazing. But it also emits some smoke and fume. Natural gas or propane is cleaner as a fuel. It’s more expansive, but easy-to-maintain, intuitive to operate. Additionally, it’s much safer. Therefore, installation of a propane fire table on a wood deck is commonly permitted. Are there any differences in surfaces? Let’s highlight them.

The Best Deck Surfaces

Your portable fire pit can be installed on various table surfaces, such as:

  • wooden;
  • concrete;
  • composite;
  • vinyl;
  • metal.

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Granite, slate or marble look stylish. However, these materials are heavy-weight. Therefore, they are applicable rather for stationary fireplaces, powered by natural gas or split wood. A propane fire table can be even made of glass. Meanwhile, the surface material is to be thick and top-quality. Only the fire-resistant, weather-proof tempered glass is suitable.

best deck surfaces for fire pitMost wood species are highly combustible. Additionally, using this kind of surface is dangerous in hot and dry, desert-climate states. So, it is to be properly treated and polished.

Can you put a fire pit on a composite deck? The surfaces made of the combination of various materials are thought to be combustible. They commonly include wood, recycled and plastic materials. But that’s way better.

Vinyl that is known as PVC is combustible, as well. Being heated, it may crack. So, it’s acceptable only for lightweight propane fire pits.

Concrete material is durable and heat-resistant. However, installation of a DIY fire pit on a concrete slab is more complicated and time-consuming than on wood. Most wood types are easy to cut and carve.

Legal Issues

Before making a propane fire pit, check your local legislation. If your community or city is drought-stricken, an open flame may be prohibited during the dry months. For example, in New Jersey, the fire is to be:

  • small (not larger than 3ft in diameter; 2ft in height);
  • covered (by metal screens or mesh);
  • environmentally-friendly.

Burning wood may emit toxic or greenhouse gases, for example, carbon dioxide.

How far does a fire pit have to be away from a house? In New Jersey, this distance shouldn’t be less than 10 ft. It concerns not only the buildings (including pergolas, etc.) but overhanging trees and plants, lawn furniture. Surround the best portable propane fire pit with sand, stones or other non-ignitable materials. Wear gloves. Avoid starting the pit in windy weather. Read the manual and follow its detailed instructions.

How to Build a Fire Pit on a Wood Deck?

If you want to make the fire pit safe for a wood deck, consider the winds prevailing in your locality. To avoid any fire risk, hire an NFI certified expert. Find a suitable location. Select the style and materials. The ground is to be completely level. The pit weight should not be too high, fitting the deck structure.

how to build a fire pit on a wood deckAdditionally, you would need the following accessories:

  • a reliable base;
  • a heat-resistant pad or mat;
  • a cover;
  • a screen.

Bases made of stone or rustproof metal are preferable. They are designed for protecting the surface under the fire from sparks and heat.

A large mat or pad is essential. It functions as a heat shield, protecting the combustible wood and composite deck surface. The accessories made of carbon or granite fibers are widely used. They are tensile and chemical resistant, tolerant to high temperatures.

A cover is necessary to prevent any ambient objects’ damage. It can be used of stone or metal. Additionally, spark guards and screens are utilized. But they are preferable for wood burning fireplaces.

How to Use a Fire Pit on Decking?

Before starting the fire, make sure, a fire extinguisher is at hand. The children are to be at home or in the other garden corner at the moment. Connect the tank. Check the valve. No leaks are allowed! Is it ok? If so, connect the hose and light the fire.

Extinguish the fire as soon as you don’t need it anymore. Cover the pit with the lid. Using propane or any other type fire pit, safety is primary. Now you can decorate it, as you like, according to your backyard design. Add some gravel, rocks or outdoor furniture.

So, can you put a propane fire pit on a wooden deck? Yes, of course! But you are to use the protective accessories and follow all the essential safety precautions.

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Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

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