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Hello, my dear friends,

Are you fond of BBQ and outdoor cooking? If so, I hope, you will like this blog. Why do we love it? Quite naturally, pork ribs and smoked fish have always been our favorites. However, it’s not the main reason.

About Author PageParties in the yard or patio are great. They are unconventional and friendly. We do love this wonderful, friendly atmosphere! Additionally, BBQs are associated with great holidays. Can you imagine the Independence Day Celebration without the BBQ parties? They became the holiday attributes along with the honorable American Flag, parades and fireworks.

So, do you like cooking? Cooking outdoors is a great pleasure. Men commonly do it better than women. We adore being creative. We can cook delicious and perfect dishes without any recipe. Meanwhile, we are concerned also about fire safety, garden furniture and watering.

Quite naturally, I am not a professional cook. I am just a sales representative. However, I deal with various grilling products and smokers. Therefore, I know the subtle details of their production. I’ve visited the largest USA factories. I’ve tested the products I recommend. That’s why I know which features are principal. I hope it helps you to select really durable and safe items.

By the way, my name is Robert. I’m a Delta College graduate. I live in Midland, MI. It’s a small city. The population is a bit more than 40 thousand people. Therefore, we live in close association with our neighbors. All the people here are friendly and open. So, we love coming together and spending time in our cozy patio.

Do you like it too? A top-quality smoker or fire pit can become a focal point of these family parties. I would try to help you with the selection. Buying the necessary garden accessory can become and pleasant and time-saving operation, due to availability of:

  • the best products examples;
  • real customers’ reviews;
  • detailed technologies’ comparison;
  • the items’ certification proofs.

So, enjoy your time in the gardens and share your opinions! I would be glad to hear from you.


Robert W Sherman

Great Yard Master