Best Material for Outdoor Flags

best material for outdoor flagsThe American flag is our pride and beauty. During more than 200 years of its history, the national flag has become the symbol of our unity, strength, culture, and values. Thus, before hanging it, we would wonder, what is the best material for outdoor flags and how to follow the etiquette.

Nowadays, the US flag, made of the best flag material for outside, is proudly displayed not only by public institutions but by the multiple private residences. According to Wikipedia, it’s especially displayed on various occasions, like the Independence Day, Veterans Day, Flag Day and great holidays: Easter, Christmas, Mothers and Fathers Days.

The American flag is to be kept visible, illuminated during the dark time, on the left-hand corner, with dignity and respect. So, it’s commonly installed in front of the buildings or in the yards, on the best residential flagpoles. Displayed horizontally or vertically, raised in the morning with the ceremony, lowered at sunset.

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What is the Best Material for Outdoor Flags?

To be displayed in the outdoor residential flag pole, good outside flags are to be really top-quality, durable and preferably made in the USA. At the same time, all mandatory and recommendatory rules and recommendations are followed.

For example:

  1. The blue field is to be always on the top left edge of the flag.
  2. It should never touch the ground.
  3. The US flag can’t be printed or embroidered on temporary stuff like cushion covers, handkerchiefs, cartons, etc.

What are the Standard Flag Materials, the Better for Outdoors?

So, the best fabrics for outdoor flags are:what heavy duty cotton american flag

  • nylon;
  • polyester;
  • cotton.

Cotton is a perfect material, natural, impressive and good-looking. However, it’s prone to fading on the sunlight, shrinkage. Cotton is not the better flag material for outdoor use, as it can lose its shape being exposed to all weather conditions. So it’s commonly selected for indoor applications (for example, as a banner) or for ceremonial presentations during the holidays. Recommended for occasional use only, densely woven cotton flags stand out by vibrant, rich colors and hand-crafted trimming. The flags with embroidered stars and sewn strips are beautiful and quite popular nowadays.

good polyester american flagNylon is to be highlighted among the good flag materials. It’s strong and lightweight, preferable for sunny areas and states due to its premium ultraviolet resistance. This fabric dries quickly, being acceptable for rainy areas. Additionally, nylon flies on the slightest wind, providing the fullest visual effect. So, wondering what type of material is the best for outdoor garden flags, consider nylon, as it’s the most recommended for regular use.

Meanwhile, the most durable flag material is polyester. It’s comparatively heavy-weight, strong and long-lasting. The top-quality polyester provides the rich feel and look, standing out by deep colors. Additionally, it can be called the best flag material for high winds, as it bears harsh weather conditions, avoiding damage.

Can the Flag Stay on the Pole When It’s Raining?

The best outdoor flag material is definitely weather-resistant and strong. However, according to the US flag etiquette, it’s not desirable, as rain or strong winds still might damage it. Additionally, it can be regarded as disrespect. Meanwhile, it can remain on the pole edge or at half-staff.

What Material is Best Kept on the Pole?

good material for outdoor flagsAs the flag is to be attached to an aluminum or wooden pole by snap hooks, Velcro attachments, cable ties or grommets, it is to be strong and hard-wearing. The most common way to fasten it is by using plastic or metal rings that are called grommet eyelets. This way, the good US flag material would avoid tear and wear, even if it’s heavy-weight. So, considering, what is the best on a pole with grommets, I guess I should be sturdy, stitched nylon or relatively lightweight, durable polyester.

Thus, the better material for outdoor flags is the one that meets your needs and the application criteria. It depends on the frequency of displaying, the weather conditions, and the occasion. Meanwhile, the etiquette is to be definitely followed, and due respect to the flag is to be shown, regardless of the fact of it’s made of quality American flag material or not.

Video Inform: a Difference Between Polyester and Nylon Flags

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  1. Hi, Do you know a fabric manufacturer where i cna buy rolls of flag fabric

    • Hi Daniel,
      I can only assume that according to our observations, quality flags are most often made of nylon. But also in production, there are polyester or cotton.
      The advice is this: look for a quality nylon manufacturer.

  2. It was helpful when you explained that nylon is a good option for outdoor flags because it’s lightweight and also resistant to UV rays. My husband and I want to have the flagpole in our front yard repaired so we can start using it on national holidays. Thanks for helping me feel more prepared to shop for the flag to fly on the pole!

  3. We want a large flag to put on the side of our barn. We plan to display it as a rectangle and not display it hanging by the grommets. We want to know which material would be best so we won’t have a mold problem. Might the nylon be best because it is very

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