Best Propane Fire Pit Tables – Buyer’s Guide

best propane fire pit tables reviewsWhat can be a better way of recreating the romantic atmosphere of round-a-fire gatherings? Of course getting one of the best propane fire pit tables?

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If you cannot imagine your life without cozy outdoor get-togethers with your family or friends. The answer is simple! You should think about something that can create a proper ambiance. Soft light and warm waves coming from a flame, fresh evening breeze, and starlit sky, cheerful voices, and laughter. Sounds like a perfect ending of a busy day, doesn’t it? If you’re with us, you should definitely check out these amazing propane fire tables for a patio.

Top Propane Fire Pit Tables in 2019

#1. Outland Living
  • Heat Output (BTU) - 35,000
  • Size - 44 x 32 x 23 inches
  • Material - resin/aluminum/tempered glass
  • Fire Pit Covers - No
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#2. Legacy Heating
  • Heat Output (BTU) - 50,000
  • Size - 44.88 x 44.88 x 24 inches
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Fire Pit Covers - Fire pit cover/Weather cover
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#3. Crested Bay Patio Furniture
  • Heat Output (BTU) - 50,000
  • Size - 56 x 26 x 15 inches
  • Material - MGO
  • Fire Pit Covers - No
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#4. Christopher Knight Home
  • Heat Output (BTU) - 40,000
  • Size - 34.5 x 34.5 x 24 inches
  • Material - MGO
  • Fire Pit Covers - Nylon weather cover
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#5. Napoleon
  • Heat Output (BTU) - 60,000
  • Size - 56 x 36 x 23 inches
  • Material - Aluminum
  • Fire Pit Covers - No
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1. Outland Living – Best Outdoor Propane Fire Pit with Glass Rocks

best patio propane fire pit guideThe Outland Living propane patio fire pit will introduce a tint of sophistication to any outdoor lounge area. It is built of durable weatherproof materials, which guarantee its longevity and excellent performance characteristics. The sleek design of the fire table is accentuated by shiny chrome hardware.

The propane fire table is compatible with standard gas tanks. It features easily accessible controls with an auto-ignition system. Regulating the flame is just as easy as turning a knob.

Another sophisticated detail about this propane fire table is arctic ice fire glass that is used as a heat conductor. Flames reflecting off the black glossy surface and faceted clear rocks create a truly spectacular view. To style up the fire pit and protect the flame from sharp blasts of wind you can buy a clear glass wind fence.

Useful benefits

  1. Rectangular propane fire pit table.
  2. Aluminum frame, resin body.
  3. Dark gray wicker.
  4. 8-mm tempered glass tabletop.
  5. 35,000 BTUs.
  6. Clear glass fire rocks are included.
  • This propane fire table has a sleek, sophisticated design.
  • Elegant and scratch-resistant tabletop.
  • Easy to control thanks to the auto-ignition and flame adjustment knob.
  • Stylish chrome hardware.
  • Such important accessories as fire pit lid and weather protection cover are sold separately.


This stylish wicker propane patio fire pit with a sleek glass tabletop will certainly become a worthwhile investment into the outdoor ambiance. It is supplied with a set of translucent fire stones which are great at reflecting flames. To achieve a finished look and full functionality of this fire table, you will need to spend some extra on additional items.

2. Legacy Heating – Outdoor Dining Table with Propane Fire Pit

square gas fire pit tableThis square-shaped outside table with fire pit features sturdy aluminum construction with a classic black finish. Built of narrow metal planks it definitely looks more like a piece of furniture than a heating unit. This propane fire table will look great in cozy countryside-style outdoor sitting arrangements.

The control knob is located behind the door where a gas tank is placed. Although this might be somewhat inconvenient, but it is definitely a safety-oriented design, because it prevents unauthorized access to the lighting control elements.

When not used as a propane patio fire pit, there is nothing easier! It can be converted into a regular outdoor table with the help of a special cover. Once the burner area is concealed under a lid, you get ample space for dining or having some drinks. Can playing board games.

Interesting information

  1. Square-shaped propane fire table.
  2. Aluminum construction.
  3. Black finish.
  4. 50,000 BTUs.
  5. Fire pit filling is provided.
  • This self-contained propane fire table has an ample tabletop space. To facilitate your daily activities.
  • The fire pit can be concealed under a cover when not in use.
  • A textile weather protection cover helps the unit stay dry and clean under any weather conditions.
  • This propane patio fire pit is ideal for circular seating arrangements.
  • The gas control knob is located in a place, where it is somewhat hard to access.


The Legacy Heating propane fire table will surely become a statement central piece in circular sitting arrangements. In spite of the small size, the fire pit puts out an impressive amount of heat. This unit will certainly look good in all kinds of outdoor lounging areas. Although to obtain a more finished look, you might want to buy some extra lava stones. 

3. Crested Bay Patio Furniture – Beautiful Outdoor Propane Fire Pit with a Separate Tank Holder

best dining table with fire pit in middleThis is a set of convenient patio furniture, in which a fire pit appears as a centerpiece. The set also includes two chairs, a love-seat and a side table (that is also a tank holder). The fire pit connects to the gas tank via a 6-foot hose. A tank holder has a low-key design and makes a decent match to the fire table.

All the furniture pieces are built of rugged aluminum. A fire pit and a tank holder are made of magnesium oxide board (MGO). The cushions are made of outdoor-grade water-resistant fabric. The streamlined fire table is available in two color options – white and dark gray. This simple and elegant patio propane fire pit set is perfect for minimalist style devotees.

The fire pit doesn’t have a lid, so the tabletop space is fairly small. However, it is sufficient to accommodate some drinks and maybe several small plates with appetizers. Besides, there is some space on top of a tank holder. So this set is perfectly suitable for quick meals and cocktail parties.

Additional information

  1. Rectangular shape.
  2. Fire table material: MGO.
  3. Available colors: dark gray or white.
  4. 50,000 BTUs.
  5. Separate tank holder.
  6. Lava rocks supplied.
  7. Patio furniture is included.
  • The propane fire table is built of durable weather-proof material, resistant to mold and mildew.
  • This fire pit has a low-profile design, much like a regular coffee table.
  • Seamless design is ideal for minimalist outdoor settings.
  • The fire table is easy to clean since it doesn’t have seams, where dirt and dust can accumulate.
  • The tank is located outside the fire table, so the connection hose is always exposed.
  • Rather limited tabletop space.


The Crested Bay propane patio fire pit set is ideal for those who are looking for quick, ready solutions. This low-profile fire pit is elegant and unobtrusive. While a side table provides some additional space for food and drinks. You should be aware that the hose that connects a tank to the propane fire table is exposed. What might somewhat ruin the aesthetics of the space.

4. Christopher Knight Home – Super Patio Fire Pit Table for Small Spaces

best round fire pit with propane tank insideThis small propane fire pit table from GDF Studio will allow you to enjoy the rustic appeal of a natural stone centerpiece at the fraction of the cost. Sturdy and long-lasting magnesium oxide mimics the look and feels of the real stone. The fire table is rather compact and will not take over too much space. In spite of that, the fire pit produces a decent amount of heat.

The fire table comes as a single piece and does not require assembly, unlike other similar products. Hooking up a propane tank is all it takes to start enjoying cozy evenings by the bonfire.

A pack of lava stones and a nylon cover come along with the fire table. Besides, the seller also provides a paint pen that can disguise minor cracks and chipped spots if needed. However, the fire pit doesn’t have a lid. There is only a narrow rim around the flame output, so having meals at this fire table might be inconvenient.

Features and Specifications

  1. Round-shaped fire table.
  2. Main material: MGO.
  3. Natural stone design.
  4. 40,000 BTUs.
  5. Lava stones come in a pack.
  • This propane fire table arrives pre-assembled and is ready for use in mere minutes after unpacking.
  • Perfect for small area placement.
  • Supplied with a textile protection cover.
  • A fire table has no sharp corners to accidentally hit against.
  • The fire pit has no cover.
  • The control panel is rather noticeable and doesn’t match the rustic design of the fire pit.


Even if you are short of outdoor space, it doesn’t mean that you should deny yourself a pleasure of resting by a bonfire. This propane patio fire pit will help you stay warm during chilly nights without making you feel cramped. The fire table doesn’t require assembly and operation is pretty straightforward. This is not the perfect choice for having meals and drinks on a regular basis, but it will certainly create the ambiance.

5. Napoleon – Excellent Propane Coffee Table with Fire Pit

best fire pit with propane tank inside This aluminum propane fire table features a classy bronze textured finish. It has a rather large tabletop, which can conveniently accommodate several plates and glasses. The fire bowl is not particularly large, as compared to the overall size of the fire table. By the way, this is quite a large outdoor propane fire pit. Nevertheless, the amount of heat it puts out is quite amazing. This is a worthy alternative to a conventional patio table. As well as a superb finishing touch to your open terrace or gazebo.

The fire table is supplied with a pack of topaz glass. Broken edges and smooth, iridescent texture of dark glass enrich the austere profile of the fire pit. Although this is a propane patio fire pit, you can also run it on natural gas. The conversion kit comes along.

Interesting features

  1. Rectangular shape.
  2. Made of aluminum.
  3. Bronze finish.
  4. 60,000 BTUs.
  5. A bag of topaz fire glass.
  6. A natural gas conversion kit.
  • The fire pit can work either on propane or natural gas.
  • One of the super heat outputs among propane fire tables.
  • Elegant design with plentiful tabletop space.
  • This propane fire table features a spec system. That discontinues gas supply immediately once the flames are out.
  • Lightweight design.
  • Lacks a user-friendly control panel.


This elegant and classy propane fire table is comparatively lightweight and doesn’t require too much effort to get assembled. The heat emitted by the fire pit is enough to keep people warm even during chilly nights. It also creates a cozy ambiance as the flames reflect off the glossy dark surface of the firestones.

How to Choose the Top Outdoor Propane Fire Pit

The market offers a broad selection of propane patio fire pit tables. You may go from rustic to sophisticated, from fancy to minimalist. And among all the array of choices, you can find products of different shapes, colors, and sizes. But how can you identify better outdoor gas fire pit? Let’s find that out.

Heat output

best gas fire pit tables reviewsThe amount of heat emitted by a fire pit is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Unit). Since propane fire tables are not supposed to work in enclosed spaces. The optimal heat output can hardly be calculated. Something between 35,000 and 50,000 BTUs is usually enough to create a pleasant ambiance. A related question is ‘how long will a propane tank last on a fire pit?’ A standard 20lb propane tank is expected to provide an average of up to 4.5 hours. This of continuous burning at the highest output.

  1. Propane patio fire pit tables are all built of heat-resistant and weatherproof materials. That’s quite obvious. But the selection of materials is quite wide. Aluminum, resin, MGO, and tempered glass (for tabletops) are the most popular options.
  2. The choice of shape depends on your space layout. Round and square propane patio fire pits are suitable for circular sitting arrangements. Rectangular fire tables are classics that will work with almost any outdoor setting.

Tank location

The majority of fire pits are hollow inside, and that’s where gas tanks should go. Fire pit with a propane tank inside is the most popular customer choice. However, some low-profile propane fire tables just cannot fit a tank, so they come with a separate tank holder. As long as you are willing to put up with a hose lying exposed on the floor, it is fine.

  1. Controls. High-end fire tables are equipped with convenient, easily accessible control buttons. In cheaper products controls are located somewhere near the tank, so one has to bend down each time gas needs to be turned on, adjusted or shut off.
  2. Heat conductor. Most fire pits use either fire glass or lava stones as heat conducting media. The former is considered a better choice, but eventually, it all comes down to your tastes.

Conclusion and Recommendations

A propane patio fire pit is more than just a piece of furniture or a heating appliance. It is a source of a magical atmosphere. That brings friends together for hearty talks, delicious meals and precious moments of closeness. That’s why it is so important to find the right fire table. And it doesn’t come down only to technical characteristics. The design is equally important. If you carefully consider our list of gas fire pit tables and all the aspects outlined above. You will definitely make the right decision.

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