How to Store Riding Lawn Mower in Garage?

how to store lawn mower in garage
Summer is a hot and busy time for farmers. Have you mowed your lawn already? Your front yard is to be tidy before Independence Day. It lets you have a good time with your family and friends. Celebrate the holiday enthusiastically. How to store lawn mower in garage? Your powerful machine will be necessary in a few days. Keep it in working order. In some months, when it gets cold, you’ll have to make it ready for winter. How to do it properly? Observe basic safety precautions to avoid any risks and hazards. Are you wondering if it’s easy? Keep reading the article and study up on the matter.

Daily Practice and Pre-Festive Chores

In June and July, you might be pretty busy. Whenever you raise corn, soybeans or wheat, your fields need a lot of care. They require watering fertilizing and weeding. So do your green lawns. Have you got a lot of acres? If you haven’t, that’s not bogue. Your cool zero turn mower for rough terrain is maneuverable.

It cuts the grass around obstacles easily. It performs quick, smooth and controlled turns. So, don’t forget about your beautiful garden. It shouldn’t look tore up before the holiday. Your favorite commercial stick edger might be also helpful. It adds a finishing touch to your flower beds, paths and walkways.

How are you going to celebrate Independence Day this year? Barbecue is beyond compare. A recent poll shows 54% of Americans plan to attend it.

You may be going to:

  • have a small family gathering;
  • cook your delicious traditional dishes;
  • smoke some fish and meat;
  • visit a party store.

Parades and fireworks are doubtful. Celebrating outdoors, in your yard is safe and cozy. Pop might be not necessary now. Having gathered berries and fruits, stew them or make a juice.

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What Kind of Equipment Do You Use for Lawn?

Your fields and lawns are to be tidy. Fruit trees and vegetable patches need nutrition and watering too. Quite naturally, climate matters. It impacts your crops. In Michigan, July is a hot but comfortable month. The temperatures don’t exceed 85-90 degrees even in the daytime.

8-9 hours of sunshine might be enough for your recognized varieties of plants. 9-10 rainy days make gardening easier. Here, you can water your plants not too often. Only on the 4th of July, heavy rain or a wind storm is undesirable. It would keep you from raising your national US flag.

what type of equipment used for lawn

Your sophisticated machine shouldn’t get wet too. It’s type matter. Quite naturally, the difference between lawn tractor and garden tractor is in its:

  • size;
  • functionality;
  • maneuverability;
  • power.

A garden tractor is a piece of versatile equipment. It’s powerful and heavy-duty. Riding lawn mower vs zero turn is more affordable. It’s easier to control and maintain. Power source matters. It determines the storage and winterizing procedures.

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Is It OK to Store Lawn Mower Outside?

Your functional equipment may be necessary every single day. Do you use your tractor for blowing, throwing and panking snow? If so, it should be at hand even in winter. Tasks like soil aeration, spraying or fertilizing are endless. In summer, you would need to do these chores several times per week, at least.

Quite naturally, you’d need some space to store a large machine. Powerful, versatile equipment is necessary if you cultivate many acres of fields. Your zero turn vs lawn tractor for hills is:

  • more maneuverable;
  • smaller;
  • faster;
  • more durable.

It leaves a precise, clean cut, reaching high speeds. But you might find it tricky to operate. Additionally, it would require regular maintenance. Will you store it in wet conditions? Your holidays may last only a few days. If so, it’s possible. Unless your maneuverable machine is battery-powered or corded electric. Prevent electrical hazards that are possible in wet conditions. A kind of shelter is preferable in any case.

zero turn vs riding mower on hills

Where Should I Store My Lawn Mower without a Shed?

Keeping your functional equipment outside is inconvenient. If your yard is small, it would pose a tripping hazard for your family members and guests. On the holiday, it may impede your gathering or barbecue. Later, it may attract thieves or unwanted visitors.

A full-sized shed is a perfect storage option. It protects your powerful equipment from elements and cold. Snow and freeze won’t damage it while toxic fumes won’t reach your house. There are multiple shed options. Wooden, metal and concrete structures are reliable and long-lasting.

Medium-size or mini sheds might be also suitable. They would fit small mowers or snow blowers. Where to store lawn mower no shed? If you haven’t got any suitable roofed structure in your garden, that’s not so bogue. Keep your favorite lawnmower in your:

  • basement;
  • attic;
  • garage.

A tent or cover tarp may protect it from rains and showers, but only temporarily. So does a fabric shelter or a plastic box. An overhang that is a deck or eave is not reliable at all.

Is It Safe to Store Lawn Mower in Garage?

Keeping your garden equipment outdoors is not good. It’s not expensive but inconvenient. It can’t remain outside all year round. Elements, wind and frost would damage it. Do you still prefer this option? Arranging a temporary shelter for your lawnmower, don’t forget about the lift.

Build a raised platform to eliminate rainwater effects. Is your county vulnerable to flooding? Midland often experiences it in spring. Eliminate the risk, prolonging the lifespan of your powerful machine. Roofed spaces like basements and garages protect it efficiently.

Would you hang this unit on the wall? Compact devices exist. Thus, a vertical storage lawn mower is:

  • space-saving;
  • lightweight;
  • easy to maneuver;
  • simple to transport.

Battery-operated devices are safe and handy. They are not difficult to push and store. Coming with folding handles and large rear wheels, these lawn mowers are not wide. They feature limited functionality and run time, meeting small yard cultivation needs. Hang them safely, upon removing the batteries. Your large gasoline machine is another pair of shoes.

is it safe to store lawn mower in garage

How to Store Lawn Equipment in Garage?

Keeping a spacious mower indoors is perfect but not ideal. It may pose a tripping hazard, releasing fumes and chemical odors. Your basement or attached garage are not the healthiest options. You should keep it safe and neat, far from your living space.

Quite naturally, the best way to store a lawn mower in a garage is in a corner or under a shelf. If it’s not bulky, you are lucky. A detached garage is a perfect option. Vented premises that include windows are preferable. Heated spaces are also beneficial. But gas heater of furnaces could be dangerous.

Eliminate ignition hazards. Winterize your lawnmower properly. Therefore:

  1. Empty its fuel tank.
  2. Drain the oil;
  3. Remove the available blades;
  4. Disconnect the ignition plugs.

Clean your mover underneath and on the sides. Its deck is to be tidy to prevent corrosion. Sharpen and clean the blades, replace the filter and spark plug before the spring. Your lawnmower is to be clean and operable when you need it again.

Bottom Line

Your lawnmower may be large or small. Gasoline or electricity might power it efficiently. It may perform a wide range of garden work or have limited functionality. Anyway, store it safely indoors. Roofed space is beneficial. A separate shed would be preferable, but a detached garage meets these needs too. So, solve all your gardening tasks in summer. Celebrate the holiday and gather the crops. After the seasonal works, don’t forget about your useful equipment. Maintain it, winterize and store it till spring. This way, it lasts long, serving you hand and foot.

Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

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