3 Best Commercial Stick Edgers for Lawns

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commercial stick edgerDo you think about gardening amid winter? I think so. Now you have some time to prepare the tools. As a house-proud owner, repair your cart in December. So, it’s just the time to select best commercial stick edger.

Here, in Michigan, we start mowing our lawns in April. In southern states, for example, in Georgia, the season may start even late February. Weekly mowing is conventional.

Have you already got a lawn mower? It turns the process into a breeze. Add finishing touches. Tidy your garden, making it look great.

TOP Commercial Stick Edger in 2023

So, let’s discuss which edging tool to select. Consider its weight, type, and design. Now I would like to review some perfect products. I hope, it helps you to make a decision.

1. Black + Decker LE760FF: Best Commercial Lawn Edger

best commercial lawn edgerDo you want your yard to look perfect and accurate? If it’s small or large, edge your lawns every weekend. Landscape mowing should not be a time-consuming or challenging task. With this perfect stick edger, it becomes intuitive. The tool is lightweight.

So, it’s easy for a woman or an elderly person to use it. Lifting the tool with one hand is possible. Weighing a bit more than 12 pounds, it’s easy to maneuver and control. Featuring high-torque (4700 rpm), 12amp motor, the unit is pretty quick. It lets you finish all of your lawn edging projects in a snap.

Left-handed gardeners don’t lack convenience. An adjustable assist handle is available. It provides leverage and flexibility. If your yard is small, 100-ft cord is enough. An extension cord could be necessary. It is to be safe, suiting outdoor applications. Good, built-in retention is available.

So, this tool is handy and versatile. It lets you edge grass along sidewalks. Cutting depth is adjustable. 3 positions are enabled. Digging trenches around trees and flower beds is also possible. Just install a pull-up guide and it does the job. Quite naturally, it’s good to define boundary lines in your garden or yard.

It can’t cover a lot of ground. What is the difference between a trimmer and edger? This unit is not big. It doesn’t work on long grass, but it’s corded. So, it’s pretty powerful and quiet in operation. Reputed and experienced, Baltimore-based, Black + Decker company produced this tool. It provides 2-year warranty. Additionally, extra blade is included.

  • lightweight;
  • powerful;
  • adjustable;
  • easy-to-use;
  • hassle-free assembly.
  • stable base still need efforts to balance it;
  • low handle angle that is not adjustable.


I highly recommend this edger and trencher for medium and light landscaping work. It’s powerful and handy. With several ergonomic adjustments, it works better than the previous model, LE750. It does the job fast and accurately.

2. Worx WG896: Best Electric Trimmer Edger

best electric trimmer edgerSometimes, it’s difficult to compare the tools. This perfect edger & trencher seems to be one of the best items. It’s powerful and adjustable. This item is similar to the newest model from Black and Decker. It features the same black and orange colors. The tool is always visible. It includes 12-amp, 4700 rpm motor.

Do you want to cut tall grass? Maximum cutting depth is 1.5 inches. It’s adjustable, but these 3 available adjustments are the same. They correspond to the specs of the model by B&D. Are there any differences? Of course, there are. This edger weighs 14 pounds. It’s a bit heavier. But it’s still pretty handy and maneuverable.

3-year warranty is proof of top quality. Heavy-duty steel makes it sturdy and reliable. Unfortunately, this edger is made in China. Positec Tool Corporation produces it. It operates since 1994. Worxbrand is still trustworthy. It has a headquarters in Charlotte, NC. User manual is clear and complete.

Meanwhile, WG896 has a lot of helpful features. Cutting line indicator is useful. It lets you see grass leveling results. Adjustable shaft and handle are comfortable to use. If you are tall or short, it fits your posture and height. The blade requires sharpening. Wear indicators show when it is to be replaced. You’ll need to buy a replacement accessory.

The edger is easy to assemble and use. You’ll need only to tighten the screw from time to time. Otherwise, the blade may slip. An extension cord is essential. Cord lock is a useful feature. It grants you additional safety. So, the tool works, providing accurate, clear-cut edges.

  • adjustable height;
  • powerful;
  • safe due to cord lock;
  • affordable.
  • common blade slipping cases;
  • struggles on thick grass.


This edger model by Worx is a great choice. It’s solid, well-made and easy to use. It features a powerful motor. Additionally, it’s handy and adjustable. This tool is affordable, as it’s made in China. But it’s long-lasting, coming with a 3-year warranty.

3. Ego Power+: Safe and Convenient Commercial Sidewalk Edger

safe and convenient commercial sidewalk edgerDo you consider buying a cordless edger? This item is beneficial. It’s lightweight and durable. The tool is powered by a lithium battery. Is it good? You have to replace it. The battery and the charger are sold separately. Calculate total cost beforehand. Meanwhile, with this reliable edger, you get premium mobility and safety.

You don’t have to deal with a cord. So, maintaining a large yard or lawn is possible. You face no trip hazard. Additionally, the case and shield are made of aluminum alloy. The tool is heavy-duty and water-resistant. According to IEC 60529 standard, it meets IPx4 requirements. 56V battery is pretty powerful.

I think this edger is premium in terms of performance. It features a brushless motor. It improves power and prolongs life of the edger. The tool comes with a large, 8” blade. Cutting depth is adjustable. It’s regulated by control wheel. Grass that is up to 3”-tall is efficiently trimmed. So, get precise edges along sidewalks in your yard.

Ego is a reliable business. It’s international, innovative and fast developing since 1993. It provides long, 5-year warranty. Additionally, it’s compatible with PH 1400 Power Head by Ego.

  • powerful;
  • safe;
  • waterproof;
  • durable;
  • easy-to-use.
  • heavy-weight;
  • battery is not included.


I highly recommend you using this cordless Power+ edger by Ego. It grants you necessary mobility and safety. No cord means no trip hazard. Due to aluminum case, it’s durable and heavy-duty. Powerful battery lets you work for about an hour before recharging it.

Buyers’ Guide: How to Choose Professional Stick Edger for Lawn?

Spring is coming soon. Consider buying a suitable lawn edger right now. This gardening tool makes your front lawn inviting. It protects sidewalks and pavement from cracking. Attractive curb appeal pleases your family members and neighbors. Flower beds need a root barrier. They are to be neat, but not weedy.

What is the Best Lawn Edging Tool?

Before you invest in a stick edger, consider several important factors. They include:

  1. Your lawn and garden size.
  2. Power source.
  3. Weight.
  4. Convenience.
  5. Cutting depth.

Who makes the best edger? If you doubt, opt for well-known brands. Reputed companies offer top-quality products. They provide warranties. So, these tools are worth your money.

Have you got a large garden and lawn? Multiple flower beds require regular maintenance. The best gas stick edger could be necessary. These tools are powerful and portable. Are you a professional landscaper? It might be your choice. However, gas edger is heavy-weight. They make noise and pollute air. They are recognized as sources of hazardous emissions.

Right Now interesting information about best zero turn mower for rough terrain!

Types of Stick Edging Tools

Gas garden equipment is difficult to maintain. These tools need oil and fuel to operate. In early spring, when the weather is cold, the engines are not easy to start.

In a medium-size garden, use battery-powered tools. They are safe and environment-friendly. These edgers are portable and quiet. You won’t trip over a cord. So, cordless tools are preferable in terms of portability and security.

Meanwhile, electric edgers are easy to maneuver and maintain. They are lightweight and intuitive to start. If you have a small garden, I highly recommend you making this choice.

How Do You Use a Lawn Edger?

Walk-behind edgers suit commercial gardening applications. Use them to maintain your large lawn. This tool features 3 or 4 wheels. Commonly, there are one front and two rear wheels. So, the toll is handy, easy to maneuver. It provides stability and convenience.

If you need to cut grass along sidewalks or flower beds, it’s a great choice. But these tools work only on flat ground. So, before using your lawn edger:

  • wear protective clothing, gloves and goggles;
  • mow the lawn;
  • mark out the path;
  • remove stones and large roots;
  • position the blade;
  • turn on the edger and cut the grass.

Second cut could be necessary. It is to be one inch deeper than the first one. Additionally, edgers need maintenance. Clean and sharpen the blades regularly. So, the tool lasts long and performs its aesthetic duty.

General Verdict

I highly recommend you using the corded-electric lawn edger by Black+Decker. It’s top-quality, made in the USA and easy-to-use. The tool by Work is more affordable but powerful and reliable. Cordless edger by Ego is waterproof and durable.

Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

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