How Long Does a Lawn Mower Battery Last?

how long does a lawn mower battery last
Fall is a busy time for farmers and homeowners. Children go to school. Additionally, Labor Day is coming soon. You are to prepare your house for celebrations. Your beautiful lawn to remain neat and green until winter. If it’s not large, it’s not difficult, especially if you’ve got suitable equipment. How long does a lawn mower battery last? An electric machine is beneficial. It lets you do the job fast and easily, without any effort. Unfortunately, restrictions exist. The need to recharge the battery over and over again is one of them. It might become a grave challenge. Is it so critical? Let’s ventilate the issue.

Fall Gardening and Farming Chores

September is commonly a pleasant and comfortable month. In Michigan, it’s moderately warm and humid. Summer lawn watering restrictions will be a thing of the past soon. Now, mowing and watering won’t hurt your lawn as much as during hot and dry days.

The beginning of the school year and Labor Day celebrations are atmospheric. These events make September a special month. In Michigan, the first day of school is at the end of August. Your children might have not too much time to help you in the garden anymore. So, now your farming and gardening chores might become exhausting.

Will you need a powerful machine? The difference between lawn tractor and garden tractor is significant. A piece of versatile equipment helps you with:

  • crop harvesting;
  • cultivating and fertilizing the soil;
  • mowing and aerating your lawn;
  • mulching leaves.

Do you have to harvest grains? In Michigan, these agricultural products are popular. A garden tractor helps you to deal with it. A large machine works on rough terrain. It easily pulls heavy loads like pumpkins or cabbages. A bit safer and lighter equipment still might be necessary.

If you need to cut the height of grass and weeds in tight spaces, a grass trimming knife is best.

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Lawn Mower’s Durability and Lifetime

Are you going to buy a new grass-cutting machine? Above all, opt for top-quality equipment. Consider its type, size, and cutting width. After that, focus on your gardening needs. If your lawn is large, powerful, a heavyweight and durable machine is necessary. It lets you do the job fast and efficiently.

how many years will zero turn mower last

Quite naturally, your cool zero-turn lawn mower for hills and rough terrain is gas-powered. It’s massive and heavy-duty. Coming with large wheels and a powerful motor, it covers any large area efficiently. With due maintenance, it lasts for 10-15 years. You are to take care of its:

  • filters;
  • motor;
  • starter;
  • blades.

An electric, cordless machine is easier to maintain. It’s lightweight and maneuverable. You can use it to make a sharp, U-turn in your yard, like a Michigan left. Battery life and type matter. Traditional, lead-acid devices last for 1-3 years, requiring replacement. Don’t expect more than 200-300 charging cycles. They are affordable but heavy-weight and less durable than lithium-based systems. Besides, other limitations exist. They may become more significant or even decisive.

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How Long Do Corded Electric Lawn Mowers Last?

You just have to be careful. Don’t damage the cable. You shouldn’t use your maneuverable grass-cutting machine if it’s raining. If your lawn is still wet, try to do it later. Eliminate the risks of fire and shock hazards.

In fall, it’s still an essential task. But the grass is growing slower when it’s getting colder. I guess it’s not difficult to spend about 40 minutes every 2 weeks on the job. Do you have to maintain your yard only? An electric lawn mower is a good option. It lasts not less than 10 years.

Quite naturally, zero turn vs lawn tractor for hills is less stable. A battery-powered machine would not handle steep inclines. It may not suit:

  • large lawns and fields;
  • hilly areas;
  • surfaces with multiple obstructions;
  • thick grass.

What about Kentucky bluegrass? In Michigan, it’s widespread. It grows well in fall. So, you’d have to cut it regularly or use a powerful lawnmower. Battery recharging is still a primary concern.

how long do corded electric lawn mowers last

Benefits of Battery-Powered Mowers

Have your kids went to school already? Younger tiny tots may stay at home. Even if they are far from you, keep it in mind. So, you are to eliminate any kind of danger and hazard. Infants are especially vulnerable. You might want to avoid using fuel in your garden and yard.

Emissions of greenhouse gas pollute the air. By doing minor gardening jobs you can eliminate them from your breathing space. Electric vs gas lawn mower is much more:

  • lightweight;
  • compact;
  • easy to run and maintain;
  • affordable.

Corded machines have virtually no run-time limitations. Above all, they need no fuel to charge. However, on the other hand, limited maneuverability might become a hassle. Additionally, you are to prevent the risk to trip over the cable. If your tiny tot is sleeping in the house, noise is also undesired. So, a piece of quiet, safe and compact equipment is beneficial. It’s preferable if you mow the lawn in your front yard.

How Long Does a Lawn Mower Battery Take to Charge?

Your green, safe machine is perfect. A high-performance option is beneficial. It lets you maintain your front and back yard lawn areas easily. If it’s flat, you are lucky. Obstructions like garden furniture or trees may drain the battery. So is thick grass, like Kentucky bluegrass.

The same things happen when you deal with tall and tough grass. Its height shouldn’t exceed 2-3 inches. Actually, the mower does tight spots well. The areas around the flowerbeds look neat and tidy. Your yard will be clean and spotless, especially if it’s framed by the perfect landscaping edging.

benefits of battery powered mowers any good

So, try to mow your lawn more frequently. Additionally, you’ll have to make a stop every 30 minutes or an hour. Battery recharging time depends on several factors, including:

  • its type and capacity;
  • your charger’s size and amperage;
  • your battery condition and discharge level;
  • charging temperatures and environment.

Lithium-ion batteries recharge faster: it may take an hour or two. A lead-acid type could need some hours more to recover. Besides, you shouldn’t discharge it fully. It won’t reach its initial capacity, so it may impair the performance of your handy machine.

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Can You Overcharge a Lawn Mower Battery?

I hope your lawn is not large. If you manage to mow it within an hour, it’s a great success. Your maneuverable, lightweight machine helps you to adjust your yard to the holiday. Does it come with a traditional, lead-acid battery? If the energy storage device is old, it may discharge too quickly.

Lead-acid batteries generate power, using lead plates and oxide. Each of them consists of several cells, filled with sulphuric acid. These popular devices are reliable and long-lasting. They perform well in a wide range of temperatures. On the other side, they are:

  • heavy and bulky;
  • prone to self-corrosion;
  • not completely maintenance-free;
  • not eco-friendly.

You shouldn’t fully discharge the battery. Otherwise, it doesn’t hit its full capacity ever again. It loses its potential with every discharge. Additionally, it requires comparatively slow recharging. Overcharging may damage the devices. They overheat and lose water.

Nevertheless, lead-acid batteries withstand overheating. They tolerate it better than lithium-ion devices. These advanced energy storage products are better in terms of performance. But they require protection from overcharging.

How Many Amps Is a Lawn Mower Battery?

Your handy grass-cutting machine is safe. Do you use a new, advanced model in your garden? If so, it should include a low-voltage electricity system. 12V options and devices are simple and efficient. It eliminates most risks of electric shock or injury. Don’t forget to avoid wet conditions anyway.

Quite naturally, your battery-powered machine is not heavy-duty. It’s easy to operate and fuss-free. They commonly come with 12-amp engines that are enough for household use. Battery capacity matters. Most manufacturers measure and specify it in ampere-hours.

It shows an electric charge of the battery, assuming it’s full. How do I know if my lawnmower battery is bad? A sudden voltage drop might be indicative. So are the engine clicks and hums. Pass a load test, and your battery charger detects it. If your battery doesn’t charge fully in several hours, it might be faulty. Replace it to mow your green lawn efficiently again.

The charger’s performance also matters. 10 amps imply its maximum output. Most importantly, it shouldn’t be higher to avoid battery damage. Lower amperage or output triggers longer recharging.

how long does a lawn mower battery take to charge

Where to Store Lithium Batteries?

If you are buying a new lawnmower, modern, advanced and safe machines are beneficial. Do you prefer lithium-ion batteries? They are fast-charging and low maintenance. Due to higher density, they let your lawn mower operate longer before recharging.

Up to 500 charging cycles and a long (3-5 years) lifetime are beneficial. Meanwhile, lithium-ion batteries and sensitive to temperature changes. September weather conditions when outdoor temperatures reach 50-75º F suit them best. So, you should store the batteries:

  • indoors;
  • in a cool, dry place;
  • at about 50% of their capacity;
  • separating them from each other.

Otherwise, they would self-discharge faster. It would result in a performance decrease. Lead-acid batteries are less demanding. Besides, they easily withstand colder temperatures. When they are as low as 40 degrees, these durable devices still run efficiently. Do you want to keep your lawn tidy until the first frost? It would suit the fall application.

Meanwhile, whatever battery type you use, avoid wet (damp) locations. Air humidity is to be at 40-60%. Does your garage or basement meet the requirements? I guess it’s a proper location.

Bottom Line

Are you a farmer? Having some acres of land to cultivate, you would need powerful equipment. Wide, bulky and heavy-duty tractors do the jobs. If you are a house owner, it’s easier. Your gardening routine is simple. A compact, maneuverable machine would be preferable. Safe, quiet and eco-friendly, it won’t disturb your in-home family members.

You may select lead-acid or lithium battery type. Each of them has its benefits and drawbacks. Most importantly, consider your yard size, the season and climate. Anyway, follow the safety measures to prolong the battery lifetime. Keep your batteries clean and dry. It is to be away from liquids and metal objects. Don’t let them discharge completely or overcharge. On that note, in spring they will be ready to start a new season. It helps you to maintain your thick green lawn time after time.

Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

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