How to Hang a Flag on a Pole with Grommets

how to hang a flag on a pole with grommets manualIn summer, when the eagerly-anticipated holiday, Independence Day is coming, Americans celebrate it with enthusiasm and patriotism. People of America are proud to display their country flag near their buildings or homes, using the best residential flag poles. How to hang a flag on a pole with grommets? Fortunately, the weather on the 4th of July is usually favorable it’s a day-off nationwide, and the holiday customs include:

  • the morning parades;
  • afternoon parties, barbecues, and picnics;
  • fireworks and concerts in the evenings.

The flag hoisting time on Independence Day is commonly at the sunrise, and it may be lowered at the sunset ceremoniously. However, according to the US Flag Code, it can be displayed by civilians 24 hours a day, if the flag is properly illuminated at nighttime. However, the knowledge on how to attach the flag to pole is quite essential on this day. The American flag is to be hoisted briskly, be honored and kept visibly, displayed on the right, on the front or on the superior position against the other flags, if they are available.

How to Hang a Flag on a Flagpole?

Thus, the US flag can be displayed vertically or horizontally, but only correctly, with the union on the top and securely, without any risk of falling down. Being displayed on a wall of a building or private house, it is to be absolutely flat against the surface.

Meanwhile, the American flag is commonly hanged on a pole, free-standing or connected to the wall. Thus, the best residential flag pole would be desirable to purchase and install somewhere, in a visible place.

Anyway, you are to attach the flag to the pole firmly, avoiding the fabric tearing or damaging. It can be hanged horizontally, using the strong and reliable pins, able to carry its weight.

How to Hang a Flag on a Wooden Pole?

The flagpoles may be different, made of hardwood, fiberglass or various metal alloys. Wooden poles, polished and lacquered, are high-end, looking classy and luxurious. Aluminum poles are lightweight, economical and affordable, but not completely durable and rust-resistant. Fiberglass is a strong and reliable material, but looking worse than the solid wood.

How to attach a flag to a flagpole? I think the best way to hang the honored US flag securely is by using grommets. These metal or plastic rings reinforce holes in the fabric, preventing it is tearing while it’s tied by a rope or cable.

A grommet consists of 2 pieces: male and female. To installing this flag accessory, using an anvil and a setter:

  1. determine its position;
  2. trace a circle, using a pencil;
  3. cut it with a knife or scissors;
  4. push the male part through the hole;
  5. place the female piece over the top;
  6. hit the parts together, using a hammer or a setter and an anvil.

If you wonder, how to hang a flag on a pole with a rope, I’ll tell you that it’s a responsible mission, but not a sophisticated task. Just make a loop in the cable or rope and push it through the eyelets. Connect the snap hooks to the grommets correspondingly and pull the rope.

Otherwise, to put a flag on a stick, pass a cable through every grommet and pull it tight to the pole to secure the flag.

How to Hang a Flag without Grommets?

If you prefer not to install the grommets on the American flag, you can use various helpful accessories, for example:

  • thumbtacks;
  • nails;
  • command strips and dowels;
  • toggles and halyard;

For example, to attach flag toggle halyard, tie a reliable and secure cleat knot. Therefore, you would need the special type of flagpole system, the external halyard one.

How to Hang Two Flags on One Pole?

There are very few federal holidays in our country. They come with multiple charming traditions. Giving gifts, flowers and chocolates to your loved ones is romantic and special. You can visit your local pastry shop and cook delicious pasty. Tableful during your day-off is a pleasant festivity bonus.

But every holiday is a chance to show your patriotism. You should not hide your pride in our large and powerful country. So, it’s necessary to raise the flag ceremoniously. Complying with the American flag etiquette rules is a must. Thus, you should use an adjacent pole, if you want to show:

  1. Another nation’s flag.
  2. Your company flag.
  3. Corporate banner or other advertising media.

Showing several flags on adjacent flagpoles, locate the US flag on the left side. An observer is to view it properly. When it goes about several national flags, display them on the same height. Only flags of the same sizes are acceptable. Otherwise, the honorable American flag must be at the highest point of a group.

Adding the Second Flag to Your Flagpole

You are to raise the honorable American flag in the first instance. At sunset, lower other flags first. Stars and Stripes are to remain the longest at the pole. Lower them at the end of the line. It’s possible to display a flag of your state or locality on the same halyard with our national flag.

The American flag has to be always at your pole top. Adding the second on:

  • attach it under the national US flag;
  • create a small-scale loop;
  • thread it through the hook eye;
  • pull the halyard until the US flag is at the top of your flagpole;
  • raise the other flag according to the Etiquette;
  • tie the rope.

It’s not difficult. Your sturdy flagpole is to be tall and reliable enough to display the flags properly. The US flag might be larger than your state one. But both symbols are to be noticeable and look great.

How to Attach a Flag with Rope and Toggle Properly?

To tie a proper knot:

  1. pull the rope taught and wrap it around the bottom cleat;
  2. pull it upwards;
  3. wrap the halyard down, obliquely, in front of the toggle;
  4. pull it up and cross (in the opposite direction);
  5. make a loop and pull it over the cleat top;
  6. pull the rope end down and tuck the tail into the toggle.
Now, when you know, how to tie flag rope to a cleat, you would probably prefer the toggle-halyard method, as it’s easy and intuitive, enabling you to be careful with the honorable American flag, prolong its life and ensure its better appearance. You would avoid the nails and thumbtacks that damage the fabric.

Video: How to Attach Flag Snap Hooks

So, honor and respect the National Flag of the United States and Happy Independence Day!

Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

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