7 Best Wall Mount Hose Reel: Attractive and Heavy-duty

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best wall mount hose reelDo you live in a state with a desert climate? Is your house in Arizona or Nevada? You may experience several dry months.

When the rainfalls are too sparse, your garden badly needs watering. Your car needs washing. Thus, the best wall mount hose reel is necessary.

You would need this accessory to avoid any mess in your garden. Is your hose heavy-weight? It might be difficult for you to carry it. A reel helps you to avoid efforts.

What is a good, reliable hose reel? It’s heavy-duty, durable and safe. Wall-mount devices are space-saving. So, let me highlight several top-quality reels.

Best Wall Mount Hose Reel in 2024

1. Strongway 2100427: Best Metal Garden Hose Reel

best metal garden hose reelThe device is really unique. Why? It’s handy. The reel is easily used by left-handed or right-handed people. It’s versatile. Choose perpendicular or parallel position according to your preferences. Can be the hose used for another application but for plants watering? Yes, it’s possible. What about cleaning the floor? However, the landscape design, the distance from the buildings and wells to the trees matters.

Special Reel Features Include

  1. pressure rating up to 150 PSI;
  2. seamless brass fittings;
  3. 6 ft. connection hose;
  4. bolt holes.

You can use both public water utilities or your private well, with a powerful pump. The hose reel can stand very high pressure. It’s really durable. Rust-resistance is necessary, as the hose is typically wet. Powder coating is very good. Is winter or wet season coming? Just disconnect the accessory and store it. It’s not difficult.

I like the tough, heavy duty garden hose reel. It’s a well-built. It’s sturdy and effortless in use. So, I recommend it. Yes, it’s made in China. Additionally, it’s a bit massive and heavy-weight. Its capacity is sufficient for any household. It holds up to 150 ft. of 5/8” hose.

  • tough;
  • high-capacity;
  • versatile;
  • solid fittings;
  • effortless operation.
  • the bracket is corrodible.
Overall Impression

Reel is good for left-handed gardeners. It’s preferable if your water supply is high-pressure. Generally, the accessory is just durable and convenient.

2. Liberty Garden 712: A Decorative Hose Reel with Storage Bin

stainless steel garden hose reel This stainless steel hose reel is amazingly lightweight. Is it really made of 18-gauge steel? Yes, it is. The reel is decorative. It’s lace-like. However, it’s not as lacelike as the other reel models from Liberty Garden.

Liberty Industrial is a US-based enterprise. It’s young. The year of establishment is 2018. It produces tough products in North Carolina. The range includes carts, movers and hand trucks. Liberty Garden products are crafted since 1989.

So, the hose reel model 712 is durable and advanced. The device is moved by a navigator. It’s attached by a single arm.

The reels’ unique features include:

  1. 360° rotation;
  2. storage basket;
  3. brass swivel;
  4. 5-feet leader hose;
  5. operation by pull-up knob.

The hose reel’s design is simple and elegant. The construction is sophisticated and user-friendly. The capacity is good. The reel can accommodate up to 125 ft. of 5/8” hose. The bronze finish is weather-resistant. It’s powder-coated.

If you need anything else, it’s the ease of setup. The item arrives completely assembled. Attaching it to a wall is a bit complicated. Drilling of several extra holes may be required. The mounting pattern itself is not perfect. It includes 2 central holes, but for several corner ones.

  • durable;
  • weather-resistant;
  • lightweight;
  • completely assembled;
  • no hose damages.
  • some mounting issues.

Final Impression

Do you need a decorative and advanced hose reel? The 712 model from Liberty is at your service. It’s a bit lacelike but durable and heavy-duty. The rust-resistance is guaranteed.

3. Giraffe: An Auto Rewind Garden Hose Reel

best air hose reelThe item is made of PP and ABS plastic. It’s lightweight. However, the case is quite durable and crack-resistant. It’s heavy-duty. The maximum allowable pressure is up to 300 PSI.

However, the hose reel features several significant drawbacks:

  1. it’s designed for air hoses;
  2. the max. hose diameter is 3/8”;
  3. the length is only up to 50ft;
  4. the rotation angle is 180°.

Actually, the reel is designed not for watering. If you use an air compressor, it will help you. You shouldn’t move the heavy-weight, mechanical device throughout your garage. The automatic rewinding garden hose reel copes with the task.

Meanwhile, the hose reel is advanced. It comes with a good rewind spring mechanism. The spring-loaded garden hose reel is covered by 2-year warranty. It’s certified. The stopper and the hose guide are available. The coupler and fittings are metal are reliable.

  • auto rewind;
  • spring-loaded;
  • a hose guide and the stopper are available;
  • solid connectors.
  • not for a long or large-diameter hose.

General Verdict

The reel is designed for garage use. It helps you to rewind your air hoses. If you operate a compressor, for example, inflating the tires, it’s essential.

4. Rapid Reel 1042: A Leading& Top Hose Reel

best heavy duty hose reelWhy Eley brand is so good? The products are rated high. The reels designed in the USA are reliable. Are they made in China? It’s possible, but it doesn’t affect the quality. The hose reels are covered by 10-years warranty. They are compact and well-built.

The devices are not lightweight. They are sturdy and heavy-duty. The construction is promoted as made of aluminum alloy, meanwhile. The surface is powder-coated. No rust. The plumbing is safe. It’s suitable to supply drinking water. I guess, it concerns the tools and connectors. The hardware is made of stainless steel.

The Eley Corporation produces the hoses, as well. The company is family-owned, Nebraska-born. It was founded in 1989. So, it’s reputed and customer-oriented.

This item, 1042, is free-standing. It’s good when your plants are not adjacent to the house. It can be placed near the shrubbery. Your bushes need watering too. The reel comes with a stable, wide base. It’s non-slip, reinforced by 4 rubber feet.

However, the hose reel is low on the ground. Therefore, it requires bending and kneeling. The device is functional and high-performance. It’s capacity (150-feet, 5/8” hose) and rating (150 PSI) are high. But the assembly and operation are not simple. It’s time-consuming. The setup guide is not intuitive.

  • durable construction;
  • no leaks;
  • functional;
  • stable base;
  • 10-year manufacturer warranty.
  • the stand is low;
  • no hose guide.

Common Judgment

I recommend the reel to all users that are young and not lazy. The areas and corners distant from the house need watering too. Regarding all ease, the device is heavy-duty, long-lasting and high-capacity.

5. Rapid Reel 1041: The Best Wall Mounted Hose Reel

best wall mounted hose reelAre there any differences from the model 1042? It’s obvious. This item is wall-mounted. So, the operation is much easier. Right- or left-hand rewinding is possible. Perpendicular or parallel use are enabled. Actually, I see no difference, as the reel is round. I guess, it concerns only the mounting plate.

So, now it’s much easier to wind the garden hose. No kneeling or bending. It’s easier to assemble and install. The reel is even more compact. All other aspects are completely the same as the model 1042. The same, high rate and capacity. The very same aluminum alloy.

The hose reel is sturdy and solidly-built. The only drawback is the brake that is not perfect. Any hose guide is neither available. Some extra bolts could be necessary, anyway. For example, to attach the reel to a concrete wall.

  • tough and durable;
  • compact;
  • easy-to-assemble;
  • heavy-duty.
  • common brake issues.

General Impression

If you need lasting construction, opt for the reel by Eley. Above all, it’s top-quality and sturdy. In addition, no leaks. And most importantly, no rust. The operation is smooth. Besides, it can be presented as a gift to your dearest ones.

6. AMES 2398110: Sturdy Metal Hose Reel

sturdy metal hose reelDo you like decorative hose reels? It matches your outhouse pretty well. The reel adds style to your red brick building. This garden accessory looks like an antique or vintage masterpiece of art. Floral-inspired pattern is beautiful and attractive. Bronze color ornaments in your garden. Meanwhile, the reel is pretty durable and heavy-duty.

Aluminum is beneficial for outdoor use. It’s corrosion-resistant and lightweight. Weighing only 15 pounds, it holds 125 feet of hose. Even if it exposes some lead outdoors, it won’t do any harm. Meanwhile, this hose reel comes with an integrated tool tray.

Beneficial features

  1. NeverLeak water system.
  2. Fits 5/8-inch home-grade hose.
  3. Holds up to 125 feet of hose.
  4. Easy-spin crank.
  5. 4’ leader hose.

The hose reel by Ames is manual. You are to turn the crank handle to roll the hose. It moves smoothly and quickly. The model is easy to use, effortless in operation. Assembly is also intuitive. Hardware included is top-quality. I think the bolts are stainless steel. They are long, fitting any wall thickness. You’ll need only a wrench and a drill to make holes in the wall. Moving parts are well-greased.

Just follow the installation instructions. Assembly the tray and the frame. Mount the frame to your house wall. Attach the hose and tighten it. This hose reel is very durable. AMES is a very reputed, experienced manufacturer. It started producing its shovels and other garden tools back in 1774. Its primary location is in Camp Hill, Pennsylvania. So, Ames provides a 5-year warranty for their perfect reel.

  • sturdy;
  • decorative;
  • easy-to-install;
  • handy tool tray;
  • it moves smoothly.
  • manual operation;
  • plastic connections.
Overall impression

Metal hose reel is beneficial. It’s sturdy and durable. This item by AMES is also decorative and rust-resistant. Its only drawback is manual operation. If you are not lazy, turn the handle and it does the job.

7. Liberty Garden 704: Well-built Hose Reel

well built hose reelLiberty Garden Products is a great manufacturer. It produces metal hose reels since 1989. They are stylish, tough and top-quality. Its range is pretty wide. Not less than 10 wall-mounted models are available. Do you think, all of them look similar? Not at all. Each of them is completely different by style and construction.

Model 704 is decorative, coming with spiraled flourishes. In comparison with it, model 712 looks pretty simple. The only similar feature is capacity. Both reels hold up to 125 feet of 5/8” hose. The parcel includes a 5-feet leader hose. That’s all they have in common. Model 704 is constructed of cast aluminum. It’s heavy-gauge. It’s much more lightweight, weighing only 11.6 pounds.

Additionally, the surface is rust-resistance thanks to durable powder coating.

Special and common features include

  1. Cast-aluminum construction.
  2. 125-feet, 5/8-inch hose capacity.
  3. 16” horizontally centered mounting holes.
  4. 7” x 14” storage shelf.
  5. Bronze finish.
  6. Brass fittings.

Mounting hardware and water hose are not included. Only a leader hose is available. It’s a standard option. Meanwhile, the reel arrives fully assembled. It’s a great relief. Just add the handle and mount the hose to the wall. Galvanized or bronze swivel and other plumbing fixtures are top-quality, long-lasting. The storage shelf is wide and handy.

  • stylish;
  • lightweight;
  • durable;
  • metal fittings;
  • smooth operation.
  • no mounting hardware;
  • manual operation.
Final Verdict

Liberty Garden 704 in one of top-quality products. It’s manufactured in the USA, from high-grade metal. This hose reel is durable and rust-resistant. Additionally, it looks attractive, being easy to install and use.

Buyers’ Guide

According to the Arizona DWR Department, every community within the state is to have an assured ground or Colorado River water supply source. Desert gardening can be quite successful. Some watering may be required.

Meanwhile, the best way to store a garden hose is in a metal reel. The accessory is necessary to save your time and efforts. It also lets you avoid the mess in your garden.

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How to Select a Hose Reel?

First of all, it can be:

  • portable or stationary;
  • free-standing or wall-mount;
  • decorative or hideaway.

If you are concerned with your house and yard look, you would think about the reel design. Firstly, decorative ones are fine, lacelike, but light-duty. On the other hand, a boxlike accessory is preferable if you would like to hide the hose.

And most importantly, if you have large farmland, load the hose to the card and move it everywhere. A garden hose holder on wheels can be used in the middle of the garden. These accessories are easy-to-handle and lightweight. A heavy-duty wall mounted water hose reel is a good, space saving option for a small yard.

Whenever it’s metal or plastic, the reel is to be:

  1. versatile;
  2. safe;
  3. handy;
  4. attractive by design.

Features like hose guides and stoppers are desirable. Meanwhile, retractable reels are the perfect, user-friendly devices. Automatic rolling up and pulling back the hose is awesome!

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How Does a Hose Reel Work?

Have you got a battery-operated reel? Or a water-powered device? You are lucky! The smart accessories wind the hose automatically. A reel can be even equipped with an engine. But only if it’s a large, industrial unit.

Stationary reels are simple. They can be beneficially used in your garage or workshop. Just mount them to the wall.

As to the hose, it is to be rolled up manually. The reel is operated by a crank or a handle. It lets you pull the hose back after watering. Before doing it, it’s preferable to:

  • straighten the hose;
  • operate the crank;
  • push and guide the garden hose.

You’ll need to match the connectors and fix the hose’s end.

Mounting Issues

As to the installation, it’s easy. If the product is pre-assembled, no problems.

Screwing the reel to the wall may be a bit complicated. It depends on its siding type. So you may need to purchase the replacement hardware in your local store.

Before mounting:
  1. Estimate a good location.
  2. Mark it on the wall.
  3. Drill the holes.

Measure the distance from the house to the plants. As a result, it should not be larger than the hose length. Wood, vinyl or aluminum siding is easier. Furthermore, you can select thinner places for the screws. Meanwhile, the fastening is to be reliable. Concrete or brick walls are harder to drill. In short, just use a concrete bit and follow the manual’s rules.

General Verdict: best wall mount hose reel

The best steel reel is the item by Strongway. It’s tough and heavy-duty. The model 1042 by Eley is free-standing. It’s suitable for watering the shrubbery areas, not adjacent to the house or garage. The reel by Giraffe is retractable. It’s designed for air hoses.

Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

  1. Hose reels are a great invention that allow us to manage our garden or lawn hose in a neat manner. A hose reel is designed to hold a long length of garden hose in a compact manner, to keep it out of the way. There are a number of different types of hose reels that vary in price and quality.

  2. What a day! You’ve worked really hard. The sun is shining and you’ve got some work to do. You want to have your hose on hand but it keeps getting in the way. You want a wall mount reel that is easy to use. You need a hose reel that holds at least 100′ of hose.

  3. You’ll love your new hose reel! Perfect for anyone who has a garden or needs to water a lawn. There are some benefits, too. Like not having to drag a hose around if you’re going from one location to another. It takes up less space in your garage or shed. And when you use the hose, you can water multiple locations at once.

  4. A hose reel is a hose management tool that stores a length of garden hose on a reel. It consists of a frame, a drum or barrel and a handle.  They are used in gardens to wind up garden hoses to keep them tidy.

  5. No more hose on the ground! Wall mount hose reel will be the best investment you make this spring.  With so many models to choose from you’ll be able to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  6. When you’re looking for a wall mount hose reel for your garden, please keep in mind that the hose reel must be made of steel or aluminum. The hose reel must have a built-in shut off valve. The hose reel must have a rubber gasket to protect the hose reel from the elements. The hose reel needs to have a solid construction.

  7. Do you need an easy way to store your garden hose and make it easy to use when you need it? This is the product for you! It’s a wall-mount hose reel that works with most standard garden hoses. You just screw in the garden hose and pull out as much as you need. It’s easy to use and easy to put away, you’ll love it!

  8. WASTE TIME NO LONGER. When you have wall mount hose reel in your garden, you’re able to save time and effort. You no longer have to wait for your hose to get untangled while you’re watering your plants. But what’s even better is that you can take the hose reel apart and store it away in an instant, without a hassle.

  9. The wall-mount hose reel makes it easy to store and organize your garden hose.   It’s sturdy and well-made, so you won’t have to worry about it falling over after a few uses.  It will be the envy of your neighbors.

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