5 Best Boot Dryers for Work Boots

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boot dryer for work bootsWinter is coming soon. What do you expect in December? The Christmas season is already running now. It makes us shop for gifts, think over the parties and celebrations. But when it gets freezing and windy, you might need best boot dryer for work boots.

Quite naturally, you won’t water your lawn in December. Even if you live in Michigan, with its comparatively dry winters, it’s too cold for these seasonal works. I think you have already prepared your garden for winter. Your boots may become wet, as you sweat, working in manufacturing, or going in for sports. When you walk in the rain or snow, it might happen too.

What is the way out? You can wear rubber rain boots when you go hunting or fishing. In an office, fashionable footwear of this kind might look strange.

5 Best Boot Dryers for Work Boots in 2023

So, you would need a boot dryer to keep your gloves and shoes dry and odor-free.

1. OdorStop OSOBSDD: Heavy-DutyBoot Dryer and Deodorizer

OdorStop Boot and Shoe Dryer and Deodorizer with Heat and High Output Fan (4 Boot)Do you sweat hard? Even if you don’t work in your garden in winter, it might happen. If you or your kids play hockey, go skiing, or skating, your sports garment might become disgusting. Your shoes or boots can be not only wet but smelling terrible.

Athlete gloves and footwear need regular maintenance. Trying to survive a winter storm, or shoveling snow away from your patio, you are to make efforts. Additionally, if you work in a workshop or office that gets hot even in December, your work boots may become wet.

Yet, unless you have a power outage, this problem is easy to solve. Just use this excellent device from OdorStop. It eliminates moisture and removes this terrible smell from your boots and garment. It kills bacteria and fungus.

Severe odors from hockey gloves and boots, martial footwear disappears. Do you have small children? Use the dryer to warm their gloves and boots before your cherished kids head out to the yard. The dryer fit any shoes, gloves and sports garment. Height of dry ports is adjustable.

The unit is easy to set and use. Just stack 8 tubes to treat tall boots or shoes. 2 pairs of footwear find enough place at the ports. What makes this device outstanding? It embodies 2 independent devices: a heater and a deodorizer. Even the temperature it provides is higher than common dryers do. It heats up to 135 degrees. So, drying time becomes shorter.

Features and Characteristics

  1. 3-hour timer.
  2. 3-year warranty.
  3. High-output fan.
  4. Ozone output: 100 mg/h.
  5. 4 boot brackets/ 2 air outlet caps.

Being concerned about the smell but not moisture, just turn the heater off. Use deodorizer that creates ozone. How does it work? It operates as a corona discharge ozone generator, by ionization of surrounding air. It kills the harmful bacteria that cause a smell.

Best place for this unit is in your garage. It gives off an unpleasant smell during operation. Additionally, it might be a bit noisy, based on a high output fan. In general, I recommend this 2-in-1 device (heater and deodorizer). It’s efficient, sturdy, versatile, and fast.

  • versatile;
  • fast dry;
  • eliminates unpleasant smell and odor;
  • strong and stable;
  • safe for any type of footwear or garment.
  • a fan in operation produces some noise;
  • stinky gloves or footwear might need several drying & deodorizing cycles.

2. PEET Advantage: Powerful 4-Shoe Boot Dryer

PEET - Advantage 4-Shoe Electric Express Shoe and Boot DryerThis model is called “Advantage”. What is the reason for this name? It’s large, sturdy, equipped with 4 ports, handling 2 pairs of heavy work boots simultaneously. Is this drier more solid and reliable than similar products? Peet is a famous American brand, backed up with a long history.

The unit is produced by the company that was founded by the legendary Gene Peet. This famous sportsman is known as a footwear dryer inventor. The first device with such capabilities was developed already in 1968. Peet Company is located in St. Maries, Idaho. It produces several top-quality shoe dryer models.

Nowadays, even manufacturers like Peet outsource production to China. But they are time-proved and internationally recognized. This advantage double-shoe dryer is larger than similar models available on the market.

Specifications and Characteristics

  1. Dimensions: 13.2” (wide) * 9.8” (deep) *13.2” (high).
  2. 4-hour timer.
  3. LED display.
  4. ETL-approved fan.
  5. 2-year warranty.

Due to thermal convection, this boot dryer is innovative and efficient. It dries footwear, garment, and sports gear faster in warm environment of your house. Quite naturally, LED display is a unique feature, convenient at nighttime.

Does this dryer deodorize your boots and garment? As for me, I see only the heat on/off switch and the timer on the front panel. The boot dryer eliminates moisture, handling delicate fabrics and materials gently and subtly. It neutralizes bacteria and odors. So, I recommend this to-quality footwear dryer for heavy-duty use.

  • sturdy;
  • powerful;
  • famous American brand;
  • safe and subtle;
  • reliable.
  • extension tubes and caps are to be purchased separately.

3. DryGuy DX: Versatile and Fast Boot Dryer

DryGuy DX Forced Air Boot Dryer and Garment DryerHow often do you wear your hiking, ski, or work boots? They might be necessary every day or twice a week. When working in the garden, you probably usually wear rubber boots. They ensure proper protection against mud and rain, comfort, and flexibility.

In winter, you would need warm footwear. It’s more delicate, including natural, breathable materials like wool or fleece. For example, if you suddenly need to go out into the garden, your shoes should always be dry and ready to use. I hope winter storm causes no tree damage.

So, this perfect dryer model from DryGuy dries your boots within an hour or two. It features a rotary blower that forces high-pressure air out. It removes moisture from your shoes, garment, or gloves quickly. So, the boot dryer is quiet and gentle to sensitive linens and fabrics, leather, etc.

Place it in any room of your house. It won’t disturb you by noise or unpleasant odors. There are only 2 operation modes: you can turn the heat on or off. Heat doesn’t kill bacteria, fungus, and mold; it only reduces their growth. Removing moisture, the boot dryer eliminates odors.

Additional Accessories

  1. 16-inch-long extension tubes (2 pcs).
  2. Heats up to 105 °F.
  3. 1-year warranty.
  4. Heat on/off switch.
  5. 3-hour timer.

The dryer can accommodate 2 pairs of work boots or soccer cleats that are no taller than 16 inches. It’s safe for various types of garments. Delicate materials like leather or wool don’t shrink or warp during the drying cycle. So, I recommend you to use this unit in your house. It’s unobtrusive and efficient.

  • fast;
  • quiet;
  • safe and gentle to any type of garment;
  • stable;
  • versatile.
  • stiff timer dial;
  • impossible to turn on only 2 tubes at a time.

4. MaxxDry: Heavy-Duty, Lightweight Work Boot Dryer

MaxxDry Heavy-Duty Boot, Shoe, and Glove Dryer (2 Pairs)This unit seems to be very similar to the DryGuyDX model. Based on forced air technology, it removes moisture and reduces odors. Aren’t your boots and gloves soaked with water or filled with snow? They dry completely with 30-60 minutes.

Mild heat can be turned off or engaged, increasing the temperature up to 105 degrees. Thus, all your garment or shoes, made of vinyl, neoprene or rubber dry in 2 pairs. Two extension tubes are enclosed. At the same time, there is absolutely no harmful effect.

Interesting Characteristics

  1. 16-inch-long extension tubes.
  2. 3-hour timer.
  3. 6-foot cord.
  4. 80,000 hour-rated rotary blowers.
  5. 1-year warranty.

This boot dryer is compact and lightweight. Does it weigh only 1 pound? Quite naturally, it’s a mistake. It should be about 6 lbs., maybe, a bit less, 5.5 pounds or so. Real dimensions of the dryer are still 9” x 9”. Don’t you believe it? Just check it on the seller’s site. In contrast, DryGuy DX is 15”-wide, 12”- deep.

By the way, the US office that deals with both DryGuy and MaxxDry brands located in Durham, North Carolina. Yeah, contact address of both brands is the same. So, I believe it might be the same Chinese manufacturer. 1-year warranty suggests pretty flimsy plastic parts. If you can make PVC extensions to replace available ones, it would be a good solution.

The rotary blower that mentioned as an internal fan is also rather weak. So, I recommend this dryer for overnight use and delicate items. Can you leave a boot dryer on all night? Yes, it won’t harm your footwear or gloves.

Additionally, due to thermal convection technology, power consumption is minimal. Otherwise, turn the timer on, and it shuts off automatically in 3 hours. I believe MaxxDry unit is quiet, safe, and gentle on any type of garment and boots. The extensions are still well-made, able to handle tall footwear.


Why not consider this elegant looking boot dryer as a Christmas gift? BUT? It looks pretty good. Firstly, white as snow, secondly light as a snowflake, thirdly it merely is compact. This applies to both athletic and garden boots. But you will have to clean the surface quite often.

  • compact;
  • lightweight;
  • quiet;
  • safe to use on delicate fabrics and materials;
  • efficient.
  • white surface is not the most practical choice for the application;
  • weak fan, blowing not too much air.

5. DryGuy Force Dry: Compact Dryer for 1 Pair of Boots

DryGuy Force Dry Boot Dryer, Shoe Dryer, and Glove Dryer with Articulating Ports for Ski BootsIf your family is not large, this handy unit might meet your needs. Weighing only 2.9 pounds, it’s still quite sturdy and efficient. Meanwhile, you can take it to work. It helps you to dry your gloves, hat, and scarf. In a car, it still won’t operate as power inverter doesn’t produce enough amps to run the dryer.

Quite naturally, lightweight and short boots can be efficiently dried. Heavy and tall footwear is to be secured or propped up against a wall. Design of the dryer seems to be compelling and handy to use. But how do you dry shoes? They placed on articulating dry ports, able to rotate at 180 degrees.

So, they might fall forward or backward during the cycle. Consequently, manufacturers recommend you to lay these ports flat. Heavy work boots won’t fall.

Key Features and Performance

  1. Telescopic (up to 10”-long) dry ports.
  2. Dimensions: 8” * 8.5” * 3.5”.
  3. 3-hour timer.

The boot dryer is well-built and solid, easy-to-store when it’s not in use. The fan is still available, as it directs forced air to the footwear. It is to be built into the dryer’s base, together with the heater. It provides mild heat that doesn’t harm delicate linens and materials. Unfortunately, there is no switch to turn heat out.

  • compact;
  • lightweight;
  • easy-to-store and transport;
  • quiet;
  • safe to use on delicate fabrics.
  • no automatic shut-off feature;
  • collapsible dry ports.

Buyers’ Guide: How to Choose Best Boot Dryers for Boots?

In winter, quality and warm work boots needed are. They are to be comfortable. Good boots keep your toes and heels protected from damage, cold and moisture. Meanwhile, if your work in wet environment or sweat hard, they might become wet. Their protecting qualities could be gradually impaired.

Quite naturally, it’s uncomfortable and not healthy to wear wet boots. Therefore, you need the best boot dryer for work boots. It helps you to reduce duration to dry your footwear and garment. A top-quality dryer kills or reduces growth of bacteria, eliminates odor. Additionally, having feet warm is just pleasant and comfortable.

How to Choose a Suitable Boot Dryer?

Lifetime of a reliable footwear dryer is not less than 50,000 hours or 10 years. Thus, choosing a dryer, take into account your family and carrier projects. First of all, consider its:

  1. Dry time.
  2. Noise level.
  3. Number of dry ports.
  4. Material.
  5. Capacity.

Availability of extension tubes is not a decisive factor. You can buy them additionally, or even make by yourself. Meanwhile, your needs and number of footwear pairs are to be considered. If your work boots are durable, tall and soaked with water, a large and powerful dryer is necessary. Sensitive items like gloves and scarves need delicate, low-heat treatment. Especially if they are made of synthetic fabrics.

How long can you leave a boot dryer on? Most gadgets are equipped with analog, 3-hour timers. Automatic shut-off feature is useful at night. Some boot dryers need 8-10 hours to dry your footwear. With heat and forced air applied, drying process takes not more than 3-4 hours.

How Do Boot Dryers Work?

The gadgets I highlight in this review belong to one of 2 popular types: convection or forced air dryers. Latter ones are the fastest. They have built-in fans. Commonly, it’s centrally located to distribute air evenly between 4 dry ports. This way, all your shoes are dried completely within 1-2 hours.

However, these dryers make some noise. Quite naturally, they include other integral parts, such as:

  • heating elements;
  • open vents;
  • timers;
  • heat switches.

Convection dryers have heaters too. They warm air slowly, treating delicate fabrics gently, being quiet and energy saving. They might be used overnight. Additionally, I would advise you to turn them on without shoes for 30-60 minutes to warm up. Place your footwear on the ports afterward. This way, dry time is reduced.

Units that incorporate deodorizers also generate ozone. They are beneficial, working by oxidizing smells, odors, mold, viruses, and bacteria. Deodorizers channel air into a corona discharge tube. They use plasma and strong electrical fields to produce ozone.

How Much Electricity Does a Boot Dryer Use?

Commonly, domestic appliances called heaters and dryers consume a lot of energy. Process of supplying heat is energy-consuming. Yet, boot dryers are energy-efficient devices. They consume from 25 to 60 Watts/hour. They heat air only up to 99-105 °F. Due to thermal convection, it’s distributed evenly.

Deodorizers don’t increase your electricity use. These devices consume only about 3-5 W/h. Are you selecting a boot dryer of the necessary size and capacity? Just consider your needs and material resources.

General conclusion: what’s the best boot dryer for work boots?

OdorStop OSOBSDD is the best boot dryer and deodorizer for work boots. It’s powerful, durable and efficient. Advantage dryer from Peet Company is versatile and reliable. DryGuy DX model is fast and handy.

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