How Often Should I Water My Lawn with Sprinkler System?

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Are you a huge sleeper? Are you having a long commute to your work every day? Early morning might be not the most convenient time for watering your lawn. Fortunately, an automatic sprinkler with a timer does the job. However, how often should I water my lawn with sprinkler system? It depends on several factors. Let’s consider the crucial ones.

Benefits of Sprinklers

how often should I water my lawn with sprinkler systemHave you recently moved to a new house? You would think about installing a sprinkler system. Automatic lawn watering is:

  • convenient;
  • safe;
  • aesthetically desirable;
  • time-saving.

Pulling a garden hose here and there is not a pleasant task. Made of rubber, it weighs up to 10 pounds. A hose stretching around is not completely safe. It poses a tripping hazard for all family members. Children are the most vulnerable. Pets can also come to harm.

It is quite natural that a quality wall hose reel can solve this problem. As a result, it keeps the hose organized and in good condition. And most importantly, it improves your garden environment. Additionally, with a sprinkler system, the hose can be placed permanently. It is to be out of sight and out of the way.

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Convenience and Efforts

Your lawn and garden maintenance takes some time. It includes mowing and fertilizing. A timer saves some time for your hobbies and family. Hand watering vs sprinkler system is:

  1. Time-consuming.
  2. Simple.
  3. Imperative.

It’s not too exhausting. Working in the garden, you see the areas that need more water. You can adjust the stream. Actually, I would not recommend hose-end sprayers. They might harm the plants. The tools deliver too much force. The flowers or leaves are beaten up. The soil may remain dry.

best way to water lawn by hand

Are you an experienced gardener? You must know the best way to water the lawn by hand. Putting your thumb over the hose end, you control the water pressure. However, is it convenient? I would doubt it. Additionally, you are to spend several hours a week, irrigating your lawn.

Why Top Dress Lawn is Recommended

Sprinklers benefit your yard. They help you avoid the mess in the garden. Additionally, house-pride people usually spread some soil over the lawns. Top-dressing is beneficial, as it:

  • makes the lawn surface smooth;
  • improves the thatch quality;
  • ameliorate the soil structure;
  • provides aeration for the new seeds.

If you’ve got beautiful flower beds, install great landscape edging. It borders them from the lawn. Grass and weeds spreading over the garden are successfully prevented. Fertilizing is also necessary. Sand and loam are commonly used for top dressing.

Here you can see more information about the best landscape edging!

Meanwhile, fertilizing fescue lawns, measure their sizes. Do a pH test. It helps you to select a suitable fertilizer type. Nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus are common nutrients. However, don’t do it in summer. Fescue is a cool-season grass. The process can be scheduled for spring or fall.

Water Conservation Issues

Here in Michigan, we have a lot of perfect water sources. With multiple lakes and ponds nearby, we are lucky. Nevertheless, groundwater resources are to be protected. Pollution is to be eliminated.

In other states, for example, in Texas, water conservation is a critical need. Waste of these important resources is to be prevented. Therefore, using a sprinkler with a timer is recommended.

The best smart irrigation controller reduces water consumption. The sensors deliver the optimal amount of aqua. They detect the areas where it’s needed. If it rains, they sense it, as well. The system skips the schedule. Over-saturation of the lawn is prevented.

how often to water lawn with sprinkler system

Rain vs Tap Water

Quite naturally, rainwater is much better for the plants’ growth. Tap water differs by pH level and conductivity. So, rainfalls are unchallenged. However, we use tap water, as it is:

  • readily available;
  • not expensive;
  • free of contaminants.

Tap water is checked for bacteria every day. Drinking water is safe. Hard water doesn’t influence the recommended sprinkler run times. Excessive minerals, for example, calcium or magnesium, can be removed by a filter. We can use tap water. However, it is to sit for about 24 hours to get rid of chlorine. Room temperature is recommended.

When is the Best Time to Water Your Lawn?

The lawn is to be irrigated early in the morning. How to estimate the exact periods to water grass? The apparent indicators include:

  • the outdoor temperature;
  • sunrise;
  • soil and air humidity.

When relative humidity is about 70%, evaporation is not too fast. The soil absorbs water and remains damp. However, the climate is to be considered. For example, the best time to water lawn in hot weather is at about 4 am. If the temperature is still below 70 °F, watering can be postponed until 8 am.

How Often to Water Lawn with Sprinkler System?

how long to water lawn

Do you think that summer heat makes you irrigate the grass heavily? Several times a day is an excessive frequency. Even in a desert area, 2-3 times a week is enough.

Over-watering is harmful to plants. Do you still wonder “Can I water my lawn at night? Try to avoid it. When the sun is not shining, the water doesn’t evaporate. It remains in the turf for about 8 hours. Moisture can cause plant diseases. The root system of the grass becomes shallow. As a result, the turf may die off.

The best time to use sprinklers depends mainly on the weather conditions. As to the frequency, there are some more factors to consider. They include:

  1. Water penetration speed.
  2. Water loss rate.
  3. Grass-type.
  4. Depth of the root systems.

Water penetrates into the sandy soil fast. If your lawn is on clay, it can be watered sparser. The air temperature is to be taken into account for sure.

How Often to Water Grass in Fall?

Your lawn should be irrigated until the snowfall. The soil is kept moist all over the fall. However, when it becomes colder, water the grass less often.

Daytime Temperature, °FWatering Frequency
90sonce per week
80s2 times a month
70sonce a month

The data in the table implicates deep watering. I mean, 1 inch per time. In the case of rainfall, the schedule is to be reset.

How Long to Run Sprinkler in Garden?

The average watering time is 30 minutes per day. However, it depends on your sprinkler type. Above all, a pulsating device is wind resistant.
Besides, it disperses more water per minute. Therefore, an oscillating sprinkler is more water-efficient. To clarify, it sprays moisture, creating a fan-shaped shower. Firstly, fine droplets are dispersed evenly on the ground. Secondly, they don’t harm the plants.

So, if you schedule 2 sessions a day, 15-20 minutes per session are sufficient. However, deciding how long to leave the sprinkler on, consider your local conditions. The weather and the soil type are crucial to select the timer settings. Check if the ground is wet. If you are not sure, use a soil gauge. A 6-inch screwdriver is also suitable to check moisture availability.

How long should I water my lawn in Texas or Florida? Just observe how fast the water penetrates to the plant roots. Check the lawn condition and humidity level. Your local water conservation strategy may be taken into account. Avoid waste of moisture and let your lawn be healthy!

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