What Is the Ball on the Top of a Flagpole Called?

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what is the ball on top of a flagpole called
In spring, you are to keep your front and back yard clean. Then, you would maintain it, plant some bushes and build flower beds. Do the job before the honorable federal holidays. Meanwhile, don’t forget about the final flourish. Fly a beautiful American flag in your yard. What is the ball on the top of a flagpole called? This part is very important. It performs both decorative and utilitarian functions. So, let me remind you of its common names and meanings. Most of them are symbolic, coming with challenging urban legends. Let’s reveal them.

Why is it Important to Install a Flagpole in your Yard?

In spring, you would like to spend more time outdoors. Warm spell is inspiring while your garden and lawn require special attention. In Michigan, boating and hiking season starts soon. Covid pandemic gets off, the government is easing restrictions. Now, you would be able to dine in an outdoor restaurant with your friends.

Your local grocery and party stores are open too. Spiritual sustenance is not less important. On state holidays, most American citizens raise the honorable US flag. We do it to show our:

  • patriotism;
  • allegiance to the country;
  • pride;
  • loyalty.

It’s popular to have your best residential flag pole in your front yard. Install it in an open area, far from electricity poles and your blossoming trees. Enable its visibility and visual aesthetics. Durability and stable constructions go without saying.

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What are the Parts of a Flagpole?

where to put flagpole in your yard

Memorial Day seems to be not the most cheerful solution to raise the flag. In 2021, it falls on the 31st of May. The day serves to honor veterans and mourn fallen soldiers. All military personnel who died while serving in the US Army are worth remembering.

You may visit a cemetery or hold a small, family gathering. Your patriotic display won’t look very proud this day. Following the tradition, you would fly the flag at half-staff till noon. How tall should a flagpole be? It is to be visible from the street. Compliance with your local zoning code is essential.

You can prefer strong fiberglass or a lightweight aluminum flagpole. Meanwhile, but for the shafts themselves, each of them includes its key parts, such as:

  • external cleats;
  • pulley systems;
  • truck assemblies;
  • balls;
  • eagles;
  • halyard ropes.

Snap hooks, ground sleeves and retainer rings are commonly available in the sets. They enable secure flagpole installation and efficient flag attachment.

You can also invite your friends and neighbors to your yard. By the end of May, it would be possible. An outdoor gathering may involve up to 50 people. Your best outdoor chairs might be necessary. Fortunately, agricultural works are always allowed.

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What Is a Flagpole Pulley?

While choosing a new kit, pay attention to the shaft type and diameter. Telescopic poles are intuitive to assemble and install. Sectional ones require sophisticated mounting. Meanwhile, they have smooth, tapered look. Their parts come with swedged ends.

Sectional flagpoles that are not wind-rated suit indoor and residential use. How big is 3×5 flag? Standard size is the most popular it suits both house-mount and in-ground installation. In your yard, you may fly a large, 4”x 6” or even 5”x 8” flag. It would fit your 20’ or 25’-high flagpole, being perfectly visible.

Pulley mechanism might determine your choice. Commonly, it’s a wheel that supports and directs a rope or halyard. In flagpoles, these systems help patriots to lower and raise their flags seamlessly. I guess the best material for outdoor flags is polyester. It’s durable and weather-resistant.

Nylon is a great fabric too. It withstands direct sunlight, light or moderate winds. Besides, an outdoor flag is to feature metal (brass) grommets. They ensure added strength and ease of mounting.

Why is the Ball on Top of a Flagpole Called a Truck?

It’s easy to attach the flag to the rope. Then, a fixed pulley on the top raises it. Sectional or in-house flagpoles come with small, side-mount or eye-bolt pulleys. They support and move external halyards. Large, outdoor flagpoles come with truck units – these parts house pulley systems.

why is top of flagpole called truck

Stationary and revolving trucks exist. Stationary, cap-style parts are common. Revolving mechanisms are essential in windy locations. They don’t let your beautiful flag wrap around the pole. So does the beautiful golden ball on the top. Military personnel uses such flagpoles. So, they call the part a truck, but it’s incorrect.

What does the gold ball on top of a flagpole represent? It refers to the battle of Lexington Mass that dates back to 1775. Since then, truck became its common name. Additionally, patriots may call it:

  • finial;
  • staff ornament;
  • finial ball;
  • decoration;
  • ornamental piece.

Finial seems to be a correct general term. Do you guess it’s standard by size? Not at all. It matches the flagpole butt diameter. A variety of design and finish options are also available.

Why Do Flagpoles Have a Ball on Top?

Outdoor flagpoles come with sleek, shining finials. Quite naturally, your patriotic display looks better, featuring it. Consisting of two pieces of metal welded together, it’s durable. This part comes with a threaded rod, being easy to mount. Additionally, its polished surface minimizes tear and wear of your cherished flag.

Multiple legends and myths surround the flagpole top. They suggest soldiers could store various items inside it, such as:

  • bullets;
  • matches;
  • razors;
  • grains of rice or wheat.

The ball is large enough to house a small pencil or a penny. Actually, it’s empty. Eagle on top of flagpole meaning is also emblematic. It symbolizes power and strength of the US armed forces. It might denote authority or rank of the officer displaying the flag. In your yard, the beautiful top part would be not practical. Covered by weather-resistant paint, it’s durable.

Meanwhile, the sharp eagle’s wings may tear even your strongest flag. In windy weather, I would avoid its installation. Indoor use is preferable. So, a gorgeous eagle on the top of your flagpole adds decorative flair and glory to your house.

Bottom Line

Great federal holidays are coming soon. They include Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day. Each of them can become a primary occasion to raise the flag. Do it proudly, in your clean, beautiful yard. If you still have to install a flagpole, don’t worry. Knowing its constructions, you easily select the type and design you need. Choose a windless, sunny day to mount the flagpole. Secure your installation with a reliable foundation. Now, prepare your best, beautiful flag, invite guests and wait for the event. I hope, it would be cheerful and safe, this year.

Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

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