What is the Best Time to Water Grass in Hot Weather

best time to water grass in hot weatherAre you house-pride? So I am. Here, in Michigan, many people are fond of their homes. Caring about them is a pleasure and a great task. Your lawn is to look sensational. However, how to see after it? What is the best time to water grass in hot weather?

The task seems to be simple. However, some tips could be still useful.

Climate Considerations

A green, fresh, beautiful lawn is a miracle! It offers you the perfect feeling of nature. Sitting on the grass, you are calm and comfortable. Here, in your yard, you can relax and forget about all the troubles.

However, how to maintain this bed of grass? Adequate watering is necessary. Here, in Michigan, it’s not too complicated. Owing to multiple lakes, rivers, and creeks, our state is beneficial. Water is everywhere here. Quite naturally, you need the quality hose reel to transport it to the yard.

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Additionally, summer weather is quite comfortable in Midland. We are lucky because we get:

  1. 9-10 rainy days per month.
  2. Temperature is not higher than 80° F.
  3. A sundial that doesn’t exceed 10 hours a day.

The abundance of water ponds nearby cools our land. They are warming slowly. Therefore, we don’t experience these exhausting heatwaves. Is water enough here? Its shortage is still experienced. Sometimes I wonder, how to water the lawn in summer. A lot of wells are used to irrigate farm fields. Therefore, groundwater resources are being exhausted. Fortunately, the 2008 water regulations help to avoid water scarcity issues. What about the other states?

The Southern States Watering

When summer is approaching, in the states with dry climate, it’s not a piece of good news. However, green lawns are available in Arizona. Soft, fine grass is growing on them. Relative humidity of 20-40% and temperature up to 100 degrees doesn’t spoil them. Golf playing fields are perfect. What makes it possible? The grasses that thrive in harsh sunshine exist.

when to stop watering lawn in texas

Meanwhile, what is the best time to water grass in Texas? As everywhere in the USA, it’s early in the morning. It’s recommended, because:

  • the sun is still not shining;
  • temperature is lower than at daytime;
  • the wind is not blowing yet.

The level of humidity in Texas is changing rapidly during the day. For example, in Dallas, it’s about 80% in the morning. In the afternoon, humidity is less than 50%. So, in the morning, water evaporates slowly, It’s absorbed by the lawn soil. Additionally, during the breathless weather, water droplets reach the grass for sure. They are not blown away.

Is It OK to Water Lawn in the Heat of the Day?

Let’s hope that all people will have access to clean water in the future. In the midday, the water evaporates too fast. Should you avoid it to prevent waste of the primary source? It’s not the key reason.

Quite naturally, the watering in the heat is wasteful. Harsh wind makes irrigation less efficient. You would need the practical and quality landscape edging to keep the sand from mulching around. It creates a crisp edge between the lawn and the garden.

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Drawbacks of the Midday Irrigation

Daytime watering also harms the plants, as:

  • the moisture aggregates on the leaves;
  • it doesn’t reach the soil;
  • the plants get even more heat;
  • the sun may burn the grass.

At daytime, the temperature is high. It makes the moisture vaporize too fast. The lawn maintenance would be quite expensive in this case. Additionally, the best time of day to water grass is right after the sunrise. When the sun is becoming hot, it can cause plant diseases. The droplets of water act like tiny glasses. The light is focused on the leaves. The heat is magnified. Therefore, the grass is burning and becomes yellowish.

Can I Water My Lawn at Night?

If you are busy in the morning, it’s not a problem. Afternoon irrigation is definitely possible. What is the suitable time? It’s recommended to water lawns between 4 pm and 6 pm. As for me, it’s still too hot for irrigation.

However, not only the heat matters. Watering lawn in the evening, you are to be sure the moisture absorbs. Sufficient time is to remain before the sunset. Afterward, the leaves stay wet for the whole night. It might be damaging for the grass.

how often to water lawn in summer

Is It Better to Water Lawn in the Morning or at Night?

Don’t you prefer sleeping at night? You might be very concerned with lawn maintenance. However, the time is selected not only following your schedule. It is to be beneficial for the plants. Cool temperatures seem to be favorable. However, even in summer, the grass may be over-watered.

If it stays damp overnight, it can cause problems, such as:

  • fungal growth;
  • reproduction of bacterial diseases;
  • grass stress;
  • pests’ invasion.

The watering lawn at night vs morning would be beneficial if it were not abundant. Could you make moisture fall on the soil only? The roots are to be impregnated. The leaves should remain completely dry. Is it possible? I would doubt it.

The plants that grow in full sun, heat up by the end of the day. Water is definitely cooler than the environment. It can cause heat stress. Plants growth is retarded. Additionally, pests usually invade a lawn at night. They do love moisture. For example, you might have a lot of mosquitos in your yard due to midnight irrigation.

How Often to Water Lawn in Summer?

Mosquitos are becoming dangerous now. They are spreading the Zika virus. Fortunately, it’s non-lethal. However, it poses a lot of dangers. Therefore, the best time to water a lawn in Florida is definitely not at night.

Over-watering is to be prevented. Quite naturally, mosquito control is pretty efficient nowadays. How to estimate the watering needs? How long should you water the lawn in summer? For example, in Florida, the rainy season is from May to October. With the average 17 rainy days in July, would you need any additional moisture? Commonly, it’s recommended to irrigate the lawn 3 times a week. However, it depends on the soil and grass types.

How Long to Water Lawn with Oscillating Sprinkler?

The basic requirements are the following:

  • the lawn is to get about 1-1.5 inch of water per week;
  • it is to moisten 6-7 inches of the soil;
  • about 0.62 gallons per sq. ft. are necessary;
  • the average irrigation time is 20 minutes.

How would you water grass in Southern California? The plants growing in full sun are commonly tough. They are easy to care. Have you selected a suitable type of grass? It should be able to take dry, hot conditions. However, let’s consider the soil type first of all.

The Soil Types

Study your yard conditions to estimate the proper water quantity. Is it shaded? Are there a lot of clay particles in the soil? It retains moisture for a longer time. Sand required deeper irritation. It’s porous. So, water is absorbed fast. On the other hand, loam soil is great for gardening. It absorbs moisture evenly and retains it. It drains well.

Soil TypeSoaking Depth, in.

Thus, you supply 1 inch of water to your lawn. It penetrates to the soil deeply or just remains at the surface. Sandy soil would require more water than the clay-type ground. Grass roots are commonly 4-6 inches long. They easily get moisture from clay and loam. A lawn on the sand can remain dehydrated.

Types of Grass

Have you seen these green lawns in the desert areas? They are amazing! However, it might be a miracle. How do the plants grow in a dry and warm climate? Some of them are able to adapt.

Commonly, the grasses are divided into 2 types:

  1. Warm-season.
  2. Cool-season.

Warm-season grasses tolerate heat perfectly well. They are designed to grow in summer. The grasses are common in the southern regions of the USA. The most widespread species are St. Augustin, Bermuda, Buffalo, Midiron.

What is the Best Time to Water St Augustine Grass?

best time to water st augustine grass

Quite naturally, it’s early in the morning. However, the grass has a deep root system. St. Augustin can be irrigated less frequently. 2 times a week are sufficient for the lawn. The temperature above 85° F doesn’t damage the grass. However, it requires much more water. When it’s extremely hot, 2 inches of water is to be supplied.

Additionally, the species is easy to maintain. It grows well in both shaded and sunny areas. Your lawn stays green for a long time. Overseeding in winter is not necessary.

On the contrary, cool-season grasses grow in cool and temperate climates. Their root systems are shallow. Thus, they are to be watered 3 times a week. 1 inch or water in enough. However, when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees, the grass growth slows down. The leaves might turn brown.

How to Water New Grass?

Are there any differences? The process is similar to mature grass irrigation. However, you are to select a suitable sprinkler type. Pulsating ones can’t be used in this case. They produce intense water stream. The seeds can be washed away.

What device to select? Oscillating sprinkler works well. It’s suitable for a large lawn. What is the key sprinkler benefit? Its cam rotates slowly. So, the spray is soft. It’s pushed out through multiple nozzles and holes. The water doesn’t damage the vulnerable sods.

What is the best time of day to water grass seed? It’s really a bit different. The leaves are not available yet. So, irrigation in the evening is possible. Morning is still the best time. When do you need to water the area? It’s necessary to do:

  • several days before planting;
  • immediately after it;
  • twice a day.

After seeding, the lawn is to be irrigated every day. The soil is to remain moist. It shouldn’t be soggy. During the first two weeks, the sod is to be watered every day. 15 minutes a day are sufficient. When it’s too hot, irrigate the lawn twice a day.

Common Representation: Best Time to Water Lawn in Hot Weather

So, when is the best time to water lawns? Quite naturally, it’s early in the morning. It can be at 6 am or 8 am. It depends on your climate. The temperature outdoors should be still pretty low. Your work schedule may become crucial. If you are busy, a sprinkler does the job. Irrigation periods can be scheduled. So, just enjoy the summer and your green lawn.

Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

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