5 Best Chimineas for Deck

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chimineas for deckIn winter, when it gets colder, you still can spend some time outdoors. Even if you are very busy, pay some time to your family members. Your nighttime gatherings might be very intimate and romantic. Best chiminea for deck warms them up and embellish.

Modern and compact, it enables essential heating. Feeling toasty even in winter, you would sit around it. It becomes your romantic focal point. In November, it’s getting rainy and colder. But you should not give up your cozy conversations with your friends and close ones.

Chiminea lets you cook your delicious food and enjoy its charming beauty. So, let me introduce several portable products. I hope they make your intimate family evenings even more charming and soulful.

5 Best Chimineas for Deck in 2024

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1. Bali Outdoors: Versatile and Durable Chiminea with Cooking Grill

versatile and durable chiminea with cooking grillBeing a house-pride person, you might prefer practical, reliable things. How do you decorate your patio and backyard? I am sure, it’s not only beautiful but safe and well-crafted. All constructions and pavements in your garden you are last several decades, at least.

So is a black wood-burning chiminea by Bali Outdoors. Consisting of sturdy, durable cast iron, it looks simple but charming. So, if you haven’t installed or built a stationary fire pit in your yard, consider this outstanding option. Chiminea is portable, weighing only 52.9 pounds. So, you can use it anywhere and anytime.

It would warm up your summer camping trips. An outdoor barbeque becomes more complete. Durable and safe chiminea makes it more comfortable. Due to vertical design, it’s pretty compact. But I like this fine wire mesh screening. Above all, it ensures a 360-degree fire cage view: all-direction visibility is beneficial. It lets all your family members and guests enjoy warmth and beauty of fire.

Features and Benefits

The chiminea looks classic and traditional. It ensures steady burn of large wooden logs (up to 16”). It comes with:

  1. Spacious, 22” x 20” fire cage.
  2. 4 wide, sturdy legs.
  3. Large, sliding door with a handle.
  4. Round roof with mesh.

Casting is a bit rough. I guess, Shinerich Company produces its chiminea in Southern China. But it suits the application. This item is perfectly heavy-duty and versatile. Most importantly, you can use it all-year-round. Buy a rain cover additionally, and it protects its bulb-shaped base from elements.

Cast iron may rust, so I would recommend you to paint it. Use a heat-resistant spray. So, it becomes even more weather-resistant and a bit brighter.

  • stable;
  • lightweight;
  • versatile;
  • easy to assemble;
  • spacious fire cage.
  • optional rain cover (not available);
  • prone to rusting.


Black cast iron chiminea by Bali Outdoors is rough but charming. It’s stable, durable and easy to install. Besides, I like its sliding door and fine mesh screening features. They let you add wooden logs and remove ash easily.

Recommended accessory

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2. BH & G C0: Beautiful Antique Bronze Chiminea

beautiful antique bronze chimineaOutdoor structures might be not sophisticated, but functional. They have to be durable, sturdy and safe to use. Therefore, I like this black cast iron surface. Having no embossing on the top and bottom, it still looks charming and stylish. Slight bronze finish adds a beautiful antique touch to your backyard.

The chiminea is not bulky. It doesn’t take a lot of space. It just has a large roomy fire cage that fits any wood logs you use. It’s heavy-weight and hefty. But you can easily install it in your lounging area. Even after a snowstorm, it’s possible to draw it out from your shed or storage and rekindle a fire. Pank the snow, removing it from your pathway and arrange your cozy fire pit area.

Useful Features and Accessories

It’s an inviting and charming chiminea. It provides all-round view of fire. Large wire mesh screening makes it possible. It’s not very fine, but pretty safe and functional. It comes with several great parts and accessories, like:

  1. Large, swinging door with a hefty knob handle.
  2. Curved, thick legs.
  3. Mesh screen and nylon covers.
  4. Poker.

Large functional chiminea by B H&Gembellishes your backyard area. Its bronze finish matches wooden furniture, ceramic tiles, and paves pretty well. It really can make your garden better. Otherwise, it becomes a dream gift on Christmas or Thanksgiving Day.

  • large and spacious;
  • stylish bronze finish;
  • simple to assemble and use;
  • durable;
  • feature-rich.
  • flimsy door mesh;
  • drain holes on the bottom and proper draft would be useful.


Large and charming chiminea by B H&G Company is worth your attention. It stylish, matching your backyard or patio decor. It’s heavy-weight, sturdy, but portable and simple to install.

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3. Venetian Grill by the Blue Roosler: Best Chiminea for Cooking

chiminea for cookingIs your family not large yet? It’s not a problem. Enjoy calm, hearty evenings among intimates. 180-degree view of fire is not bad. Decorative, cast aluminum chiminea warms up your outdoor family gatherings. Venetian Grill Chiminea is versatile and rust-resistant. So, it makes your garden or patio even more welcoming and attractive.

Distinctive Features

Cast aluminum chimineas are commonly lightweight. But not this product. Venetian Grill weighs 87 pounds, being portable, but safe to use. It comes with:

  1. spacious fire box;
  2. stable round base;
  3. decorative relief patterns on the top and bottom;
  4. convenient, curved carry handles;
  5. removable rain lid;
  6. 2 functional cooking inserts;
  7. cast iron grate.

This beautiful masterpiece is not cheap. But it’s a good investment. What is the best material for a chiminea? Cast aluminum chiminea is highly efficient and long-lasting. Besides, it comes with a lifetime warranty. The Blue Roosler Company crafts its outstanding products since 1997. Experienced professional engineer them in Nevis, Northern Minnesota. They do it with an eye to enrich your evenings.

Can you cook food on a chiminea? 2 top-quality cooking inserts let you roast meats, pizza, vegetables in foil, and so on. Venetian Grill chiminea is easy to use. It features a large baking area and multiple useful accessories. Meanwhile, it’s intuitive to start a fire and cook. Even having no instructions available, it’s simple to assemble and install.

  • sturdy and stable;
  • rust-resistant;
  • long-lasting;
  • highly-efficient;
  • handy to grill and cook.
  • beautiful bronze finish may discolor in several years or decades.


Venetian Grill chiminea by Blue Roosler is beautiful and functional. Offering 180-degree view of fire, it enriches your intimate talks and gatherings. It lets you roast meats or marshmallows and provides you with essential warmth.

Useful accessory

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4. Rose by Blue Roosler: Weather-proof, Easy-to-maintain Chiminea

easy-to-maintain chimineaJust look at this beauty! Rose is another cast aluminum masterpiece created by Minnesota artisans. It’s as solid and durable as its Venetian Grill counterpart. But, it weighs a bit less, about 80 pounds. Including a bit smaller fire box, it still burns pretty large wooden logs – up to 17”-long.

Outstanding Benefits

Rose chiminea is rust-resistant and long-lasting. It features a lifetime warranty and lasts for decades. It has a broad mouth screen that consists of reliable stainless steel. Round hinged door is durable and intuitive to open. Rose item differs from Venetian Grill model by:

  1. Shape and patterns.
  2. Carry handles design.
  3. Grilling insert size.
  4. Type of finish and look.

It features 3 wide, steady legs that enable safe operation. Besides, I like this perfectly round shape! Gold accent finish makes the accessory shine in the sun. Both owner’s manual and instructions are available. So, it’s intuitive to assemble. Additionally, it’s beautiful, efficient and safe.

  • attractive and elegant;
  • solid;
  • rust-proof;
  • easy to maintain and cook food;
  • safe and functional.
  • golden finish is not the most lasting;
  • hot to fire up.


Rose chiminea by Blue Roosler is durable and safe to use. Consisting of cast aluminum, it doesn’t rust and conducts heat well. This metal masterpiece is beautiful. It decorates your garden or patio, making it more inviting.

Additionally, you can purchase:

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5. Deckmate Sonora: Large and Beautiful Cast Iron Chiminea

large and beautiful cast iron chimineaHave you got a large family? It’s a dream of many modern people. If you live close enough to meet, come together and enjoy your time. Therefore, you need a large, hefty chiminea that warms you up during fall or spring nights. You are to arrange all-round welcoming space for all family members.

Durable chiminea by Kay Home Products is tall and wide enough. It would become a stylish addition to your patio or backyard. This item looks nice, being pretty functional and useful. It comes with spacious fire cage and not too fine, but extensive mesh screen. It helps you to enjoy the view of fire from any spot across your yard.

Features and Specifications

Deckmate Sonora is a portable outdoor fireplace solution. But it’s not lightweight. Weighing 75 pounds, it’s not the most intuitive to lift and carry. I guess you’ll have to ask 2 men to help you with it. Commonly, it’s a solid construction that is fraught with:

  1. 3 curved, decorative legs;
  2. large sliding door;
  3. all-direction, 360-degree view of fire;
  4. sturdy, cast iron construction;
  5. rubbed bronze paint finish;
  6. modest artisan embossing.

Deckmate Sonora comes with thick, heavy-duty log grate. It’s not the most durable part, but direct fire can heat up and bend everything, even metal. So, you can buy another, finer grill and enjoy cooking outdoors. I also like this handy and neat fire tool.

The chiminea is intuitive to assemble and use. Instructions are pretty clear and detailed. You only have to attach legs, install top assembly and cap. Bottom grates are easy to insert. A whole set of nuts and screws is available in the parcel. Fit them properly to every opening and tighten.

  • large;
  • durable;
  • heavy-duty;
  • decorative;
  • all-round fire view.
  • flimsy bottom grate;
  • delicate mesh screen.


Deckmate Sonora chiminea by Kay Home Products is large and durable. It fits your large patio or backyard, matching its traditional design. Rubbed bronze finish and embossing make it stylish. So, this beautiful accessory lets your whole family come together. It warms up its every member.

Optional accessory

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Buyers’ Guide

Do you live in a private house? If so, you have a lot of things to do before a great holiday or a special weekend. As every housefather, you go to your local party store. You’ll buy everything necessary for celebrations: alcohol, pop, some food to cook. Gifts and decorations are beyond competition.

Living in a private house, you have special opportunities. You can enjoy a lovely green environment, breathing fresh, clean air. Entertaining or just relaxing in your yard is pleasant. Finally, you can cook outdoors, arranging a great barbeque. If you’ve got a portable fireplace, you are lucky.

What is a Chiminea Used for?

In the fall, when it’s going rainy, you should not give up your soulful outdoor gatherings. If you’ve got a stationary place to light the fire, it’s a great benefit. It becomes a centerpiece of every your party or family gathering. A well-built fire pit makes your yard attractive and welcoming.

But you would use it only in fair, nice weather. Is chiminea or fire pit better? It’s a pleasure to sit around an open fire, relaxing or entertaining. A bowl-like, affordable option adds special charm to your outdoor space. Chiminea is much safer and more versatile solution.

You can use it as a:

  • patio heater;
  • freestanding fireplace;
  • cooking unit;
  • decorative piece;
  • inviting gathering point.

Vertical, freestanding fireplaces provide a less complete, 180 or 360-degree view of fire. But you can sit around it, placing your best fire pit chairs. Chiminea is a year-round option. Tubular chimney protects its content from rain and wind. Wire mesh and rain lid are also beneficial. They don’t let sparks escape and spread.

See interesting information about best fire pit chairs!

Which is Better: Clay or Cast Iron Chiminea?

Traditionally, vertical fireplaces consisted of natural terracotta or clay materials. Households have used them for decorative, heating and cooking domestic purposes since the 1960s. A pot-belly oven of this kind originated in Mexico.

Clay chiminea is affordable, easy to paint on its surface. It looks decorative, as a traditional piece of art. Additionally, it’s much safer, as it doesn’t get too hot. Clay is a heat-resistant and fire-proof material. But it’s prone to cracking and breaking due to sudden temperature drops.

Cast iron chiminea is a great choice for an uncovered deck or patio. It’s beneficially:

  • durable;
  • stable;
  • robust;
  • heavy-weight;
  • thick and strong.

It’s a safe solution that doesn’t tip over. It requires virtually no maintenance. Additionally, cast iron radiates heat faster and more efficiently than clay. Some drawbacks are available, for sure. Its surface gets too hot, so you shouldn’t touch it with your bare hands. Additionally, cast iron is prone to rust and it may stain the pavement beneath it.

Can a Chiminea be Used on a Deck?

Cast aluminum is a perfect material. It’s lightweight, easy to carry and use – besides, much more long-lasting than outer chiminea options. Aluminum is not prone to rust. This perfect material conducts and transfers heat much faster than steel. Additionally, it doesn’t leave stains on the underneath surface.

Nevertheless, you should use any portable fireplace outdoors. Michigan fire prevention codes require it. So, you should allow not less than 8” clearance on all its sides. 18” clearance on the door or loading side is necessary. You can place your durable chiminea at any point in your yard.

But don’t install it on a wooden deck. It’s flammable, so it might be dangerous. As well as your best propane fire pit tables, the surface on the bottom is to be heat-resistant and fire-safe. So, you should place it:

  • in a visible, flat location;
  • far from trees, bushes, buildings and structures;
  • on a concrete, stone or brick surface;
  • using a sheet of metal or protective material underneath.

You should also select a low-traffic, quiet place for your chiminea. It is to be far from water, gas supply systems and lines.

Right Now interesting information about best propane fire pit tables!

How to Use a Chiminea for Cooking?

A portable fireplace is comparatively easy to maintain and use. It consists of several parts, including a bulb-shaped base and a tubular neck. 3 – 4 wide steady legs or a round base are essential to enable chiminea stability. When you get the parcel, it’s easy to assemble the unit, applying the set of screws and nuts.

Have you already installed your durable and beautiful chiminea? Now, you can cook your delicious dishes. How to start a chiminea fire? Buy or prepare small logs or pieces of wood. Even the units that have comparatively large fire boxes or cages are not huge.

Use some twigs and bark at the beginning. Proper drafting is essential to provide the necessary oxygen flow. When it burns, start cooking. Natural wood fuel is beneficial. It adds a perfect smoky flavor to your dishes. Are accessories like inserts, covers or caps not available in your parcel? Buy them additionally. So, get started and enjoy outdoor cooking!

Bottom Line

Metal portable chimineas are perfect, if you use them outdoors, taking safety precautions. Each of the presented samples has its own advantages. Our selection of the best black fireplace by Bali Outdoors is stable and versatile. Besides, antique bronze item by B H&G is spacious and stylish. Well, cast aluminum chimineas by Blue Roosler are rust-proof and long-lasting.

Expert knowledge. Recent research data. That’s all you need to select the best yard accessory. Outdoor cooking is fun. It’s attributed to great holidays and a friendly atmosphere. It will be even more pleasant and easy with a perfect fire pit or smoker.

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